Whatcom Republicans file complaint against Re Sources

"You won't see this reported in the local media" said Chairman Charlie Crabtree.   Fourth Corner readers, here is an exclusive report on the political machinations  of a very high profile local environmental non-Profit 501C-3 Corporation called RE Sources and known as RE Sources for Sustainable Communities, with its offices on the Guide Meridian in Whatcom County. Read full article here:

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Local progressive non-profit group Re Sources has come out in full force to lobby against voters in Whatcom County.

ReSources is for sustainable communities....but only if you agree with them Re Sources is a 501(C)3 non-profit group in Bellingham (Here is their IRS Form 990 for 2013) who has taken it upon themselves to be a protector of our Whatcom County environment and thus believe they should also control the Whatcom County Constitution. Read full article here:  

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Call to Action Conservation District Election

THE FOURTH CORNER CALL TO ACTION Conservation District Election. You Must Request a ballot by February 9th. Feb 4th 2015   Larry Helm   Joy Monjure   ALL VOTERS IN WHATCOM COUNTY ARE ELIGIBLE. A Special Election not run by the Auditor, is happening in Whatcom County,  you will NOT get a ballot unless you request one. . Larry Helm is running to be re-elected as Whatcom Conservation District supervisor. He was first elected in ...

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Steyer is Back in the 42nd District Race-$1,000,000; Fleetwood Living Arrangements

Washington DC Progressives give $200,000 to Washington Conservation Voters. 1.2 Million Dollars  may hit local races to kill jobs at Cherry Point BALLOTS OUT OCTOBER 15TH Sep 22nd  2014 New this afternoon at about 1:30 PM Sep 22nd 2014 a Public Disclosure Commission Report showed a $1,000,000 Donation from Tom Steyer to his NEXT GEN PAC here in Washington state.  Expectations are that it will be used to buy the Senate right here in ...

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Ericksen-Fleetwood Race: Seth Fleetwood Registered to Vote in same home as Millionaire Democrat

 It is still unknown which Legislative District Senate Candidate Seth Fleetwood resides in. NEW Sept 1st: The residence that Seth Fleetwood now is registered to vote at... happens to be a home up for sale for 1.5 Million Dollars... owned by a Democratic donor who gave $100,000 to Democratic Candidates and causes last year alone!!  Does this seem odd to anyone? Let me know by return e-mail.   There have been concerns about Senate ...

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Out of State Money into Local Races as easy as 1-2-3

I receive e-mail updates from an organization called: The Environmental Priorities Coalition : Their stated Mission: "A network of leading environmental groups in Washington state. Formed in 2003, the Environmental Priorities Coalition selects priority issues each legislative session that make Washington State a better place to live."   Read on to see how one member seems to see the mission and how it excludes many members of our society in making Washington State a ...

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