CASCADIADAILY Headline features opinion by State Senator that infers that only one person for Sheriff can represent the Senator’s views on the justice system and this project.
Guest-writer  Tawsha Thompson  writes about the Senator’s voting record in response:

Tawsha Thompson

This article infuriates me so many reasons but I will articulate my top 2:
Tawsha Thompson:
1. The bipartisan Yes Jail committee has worked very collaboratively to help pass this important and needed proposition. Within our committee we have recognized that we may have differing opinions on who the best candidate for the important position of Sheriff is, but we have stayed focused on our goal and not allowed partisan politics to derail that. This article written by Senator Shewmake completely undermines everything we have been working toward by inserting political games where they do not belong.
2: That being said, I am not at all surprised by Senator Shewmake biased assertion. She has spent her entire political career derailing law enforcement and undermining public safety. But don’t take my word for it, look at her voting record, in particular her vote in support of HB 1310 and HB 1054  (editor’s note Police Pursuit and Probable Cause) supported  by the Senator in Olympia. These bills completely undermined Law Enforcement authority and created more harm in our communities. Harm, from which, we are still trying to recover.