A meeting between the Governor’s and OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) on November 6th Presented Documents that show that keeping schools closed shows no tangible COVID reduction  benefit in the community.

In documents presented at the meeting revealed:

  • From March 1st to November 2nd, there were 110 COVID cases associated with K-12 schools (private & public).    “Of the cases linked to these outbreaks, no cases are reported to have been hospitalized overnight and there are no deaths.”  (p.3, PDF)

Page 3


  • “Reopening schools will not significantly increase community-wide transmission, provided sufficient school based interventions are implemented.” (Slide 3, Powerpoint)
    • To that end, here is the whole slide.   Only full school with no safety precautions are expected to have an R above 1.   Notably, full remote learning has essentially the same R transmission rate as full hybrid learning, which means, scientifically, per DOH and the studies they’ve looked at, that kids are being kept in remote learning with NO TANGIBLE COVID REDUCTION BENEFIT in the community.

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The conclusion… Allow more room in the COVID rate for schools to reopen.

Is it time for kids to be back at school… You Decide

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