The Conservation District of Whatcom County is a special district that encompasses all of Whatcom County.  It is different in that it does not run its elections using the County Auditor but has its own sets of rules for elections.  For example to obtain a ballot for the election and vote by mail you must send a request to the Conservation District Office and get a ballot mailed to you.  You must be a registered voter to apply. A voter can also go to the District office on the election day and vote in person. The State Conservation Commission Website is here.

Complaints made by District Voter:

Bruce Ayers

Two separate complaints have been filed with the Washington State Conservation Commission concerning the March 13th Election Election held to fill one of the Whatcom County’s Conservation District Supervisor positions. Bruce Ayers of 1313 E Maple St #201 in Bellingham filed the complaints.

The complaints are:

  1. The Conservation district ran an election and took sides in the election contrary to the Washington Administrative Code.
  2. The Conservation district did not verify ballot holders eligibility and there are 41 less voters listed as voting than the vote total published as the result of the election.

First Complaint

Voting in Conservation election 2015

 The First complaint requests that the Whatcom Conservation Supervisor Election not be certified due to an allegation that the Conservation District “took sides” using voter’s ballot request information i.e. email addresses to send an e-mail not favorable to one candidate.

From the First Complaint:“On February 22, 2018, nineteen Days before the March 13 Supervisor election,  Whatcom CD employee, Andrew Phay, on behalf of George Boggs, CD Executive Director sent a prejudicial broadcast email to over 3300 Supervisor elections ballot holders that promoted a prejudicial bias against candidate Larry Helm.”

The full 22 pages of documentation shows a complete e-mail back and forth between the complaintent as well as the E-mail produced by the organization actually running the election the Conservation District officials.

Here is the full text and documentation of the complaint.

A Summary of the first complaint:

The February 22nd 2018 e-mail was a response to an Ayers February 21st e-mail in support of Larry Helm that “asked Ballot Holders to return their ballots by March 13th”.

George Boggs Executive Director Conservation District

February 22nd George Boggs 2 page email is here.

Ayers filing states that Ayers received several complaints… “expressing anger and criticism of myself(Ayers) and candidate Helm’s campaign and they clearly stated that based in part on Executive Director Bogg’s 22nd e-mail they” (the email writer) “would not be voting for Mr. Helm.”

Mr Helm lost his election by 29 votes. Ayers states “the prejudicial February 22nd email clearly impacted the outcome of the Supervisors Election.”

2nd Complaint

The Second complaint requests that the Whatcom Conservation Supervisor Election not be certified due to an allegation that the Conservation District  was out of compliance with WAC 135-110-610, RCW 89.08.040 and WAC-135-110-150 “…Ballots for any Conservation Election must be verified as qualified district elector…”

From the Second Complaint by Bruce Ayers: “In response to my voter approved Public Records Request, Mr Boggs, Executive Director, provided a list of district/elector ballots.  The reported total votes counted in this election is 4397” (this is the total of the three candidates votes recorded) “However the list…of verified ballots shows only 4356 ballots”.  This verified ballots is 41 voters short of the final published total.

Full Text and Documentation of the second 6 page complaint is here.

A Summary of the 2nd Complaint:

It is alleged that due care was not used when calculating the votes cast in the election and a person cannot tell who actually had more votes.

In addition 2nd complaint claims that some voters were not registered or classed as inactive voters.[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Pages from Challenge 2-page 1″]

These complaints will be heard before the commission in Olympia on May 13th 2018  and a decision of the State Conservation Commission should come after that.

Tim Eyman wins suit against AG and State Government

Local Anti Tax Fans are cheering Tim Eyman’s latest victory for the tax paying public. The Democratic Controlled legislature tried to circumvent the Initiative process by changing a ‘ballot ready’ initiative in the legislature about controlling Police behavior and then trying to remove the  initiative from the ballot.

From Terry Cox Chair of the Whatcom County Republican Party: “Some people are saying : What has Tim Eyman saved me in taxes lately… Well, think about this: Its obvious that Tim Eyman is so effective that the Attorney General is suing him and the Seattle leftist hate him. NOW he is working to save the one tool that just may keep the state out of bankruptcy and that same tool that people have to make their voice heard … Our Initiative system”.

From the “We the Governed Story” :Tim Eyman, well known initiative sponsor, won an overwhelming and decisive victory in Thurston County Superior Court on Friday.

Click Here for the whole Story.

Tim Eyman and Glen Morgan will begin their Full Contact Activism Tour in Bellingham the 10th of May and Finish up in the Spokane area around the 24th of May… Attend one of their sessions if you can.

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