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Sheriff comments on Supreme Court decision to legalize possession of illegal substances

  Dateline Wednesday Feb 26th SHERIFF ELFO STATEMENT ON WA SUPREME COURT RELEASING DRUG POSSESSION CONVICTIONS AND CASES. Sheriff Bill Elfo Check his interview on KGMI the morning of Feb 26th, 2021 Here is the Sheriff's statement on changes in the law: "DRUG POSSESSION LAW NOW UNCONSTITUTIONAL in WASHINGTON STATE This morning the Washington State Supreme Court overturned long-standing precedent and held that the criminal statute prohibiting the possession of controlled substances ...

Where is Washington in getting kids back in school… the answer may surprise

  Teachers Unions in Washington State continue to be reticent to return to full-time in person classes for Public School Students.   According to Burbio's K-12 School Opening Tracker Washington's Public School system continues to lag way behind other states in the country as the allocation per student from the state stays at over $15,000 (In Seattle, the largest district in the state, the cost is over $19,000 per student). In addition this year, districts ...

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