Is the County Council dropping Suit that is sparking statewide interest?

Jan 21st 2014

Brenner effect Councilmen lead fight to drop suit against the unelected State Growth Management Board Decision.
Newly Re-elected County Council Members Ken Mann and Carl Weimer have been outspoken in their determination to end Whatcom County Government’s court action against the June 2013 ruling of the State Growth Management Board that many say steps way beyond the parameters of the “Growth Management Act” by attacking local county council’s right to plan for its own future.  Dropping the suit may greatly expand Central Planning from the State level.

Contact the County Councill
In new developments found by the Fourth Corner,  many statewide entities from Business to Government organizations are looking closely at working with Whatcom County in its suit against the Growth Board.  Of course this would be contingent on the fact that the new Brenner Effect elected Council would continue a suit for the people of Whatcom County against the state… begun by the previous county council.
So far if the suit continues… the following are considering supporting the suit by Whatcom County against the unelected State Growth Board:
Washington State Realtors
Association of Washington Business
Association Washington Counties
Washington State Farmer’s Bureau. . .

Will New Council People Rudd Browne and Barry Buchanan want to continue this suit, with many  wide and varied groups consider supporting, or will they drop the suit in favor of the tyranny of unelected deep ecologist in Olympia.

We will be watching with interest.