In the Primary Misty Flowers is running for Whatcom County At Large Council Position


Fresh Leadership, People Powered!


Misty Flowers Candidate for Whatcom County Council At-Large

Misty Flowers is ready to listen to Whatcom County residents and represent your needs for a Sustainable Future.  She knows every family and job is essential. Our Children are Our Future: they deserve honest leadership, accountable government and an environment in which to thrive.  Misty Flowers is ready to help restore Whatcom County’s economic and housing stability. With an increase in homelessness and crumbling infrastructure, Misty’s sensible leadership can restore jobs that have been restricted, open new local jobs and support reasonable housing options. She is also dedicated to protecting and preserving Whatcom County’s natural beauty. As an Earth Steward, she knows that sustainability means good stewardship with the land and the systems we all rely on.

A vote for Misty Flowers will support returning Whatcom County to a diverse, inclusive, thriving, family-oriented community we all know and love!

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P.O. BOX 454    Ferndale, WA 98248