Whatcom County:Port Of Bellingham District 2

Kelly Krieger Candidate for District 2 Port of Bellingham

I am running to be Port Commissioner in District 2. I want our Port to lead the way on creating a business environment that is prepared to foster high-paying industries of the future. Grounded in a strong vision for Whatcom County’s future, I focus on clean energy jobs, building a workforce with strong engineering and technology skills, and preparing our economy for the inevitable impacts of climate change so we aren’t caught flat-footed.

I have a passion for this place – I love the natural beauty and recreation opportunities here in Whatcom County. As our community grows, so does the strain on our fragile environment. Water and land resources are not infinite and we must find ways to share and protect our resources. We must be willing to act now to address climate change and the inevitable environmental inequities that result.

High speed internet access has been an enormous impediment to economic development. Public investments in our internet infrastructure would not only assist schools and community resources, but businesses too because it promotes efficiency and competition. The pandemic underscored how important it is for all of our communities to have affordable access to internet. When school and work are forced to move online, those without internet are left behind. No one should struggle to access education.

Our airport has become one of the most profitable parts of our Port. With the lifting of COVID restrictions and the eventual opening of the Canadian border, our airport will once again become an international hub. I envision a more modern airport, with shuttle services available to reduce the need for individual car parking, and more reliance on electricity to power airport operations. Hybrid technology is quickly becoming available, and hybrid planes are particularly well-suited to an airport like ours, where most flights are short commuter flights.

As a Port Commissioner, I will stand for forward-thinking economic growth and a Port that’s planning for the world our kids and grandkids will inherit.