Jeremiah Ramsey to run in the Primary in Whatcom County Council District 1’s Open Seat.


Whatcom County has a housing shortage never seen before.

Jeremiah Ramsey running in the Primary for 1st District County Council Seat

Home prices are skyrocketing, rental prices are at an all-time high, and families are struggling to pay their bills. Many people are suffering in our community.

As we open up after the COVID crisis, we need to be mindful of the way we do business, and support each other and our environment. Our community needs thoughtful leaders who understand the consequences of short term thinking, leaders who will offer solutions that benefit everyone, not just the few who have influence and power.

Whether we have lived here for generations, or moved here for an education and stayed for the world-class quality of life, we all love the rural and urban scenes and the activities our beloved county has to offer: the waterfront, the mountains, the local farmer’s produce, hiking and mountain biking in balmy summers, skiing in snowy winters, picking berries of all kinds, and rafting on the rivers.

Maintaining and enhancing our quality of life by common sense solutions and working together will prepare the framework for a prosperous future and sustainable growth in harmony with our beautiful natural surroundings. I would be honored to receive your vote.

About Jeremiah

Born in Germany, raised in Japan, international schooling; grew up traveling to Europe to visit family; extensive travel in Asia Pacific; team policy debate as high school capstone. Earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science at the age of 20. Native speaker of English and German; conversational in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

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