Money Laundering through Election Contributions? 

Editors Note:  An initial study by the Fourth Corner Editor Group appears to show that there is something odd going on with donations  to candidates and organizations that are normally monitored by the  FEC (Federal Election Commission).  This Federal level commission  responsible for tracking Contributions and Expenditures for Federal Candidates (In Washington State:  Congressional and Federal Senator offices and President)


By following the link here to the FEC site and placing all zip codes in Whatcom County in the search engines and the dates of 1/1/21 to 12/31/22 we came up with Contributions of

$6,182,013.03 over 193618 transactions for an average donation of $31.93

One example of a contributor is a donor who resides in a South Bellingham neighborhood and over the 2 years has donated $1,075,498.75 in 822 individual donations in the two year period an average of $1308.39 per Transaction!!

Our coverage continues…

A Fourth Corner Reader Contributes to this ongoing story:

I was shocked to read about what appears to be illegal money laundering by ActBlue (, and, so I decided to look for myself on the FEC website ( The results were rather interesting.  Unemployed, retired, or not employed people seem to be donating a LOT to Democrat causes: 

Helga Zwicki, unemployed, donated 216 times to ActBlue in the 2021-2022 timeframe.  That’s about one donation every 3 days. 

Roberta Zur, donated 445 times. 

Glen Zoski donated 4906 times.  That’s almost 7 donations PER DAY! 

Douglas Zinn donated 2717 times, or almost 4 donations per day. 

Kristen Zehner donated 1053 times, often odd amounts like $2.02, $2.29, $2.02, $23.00, $1.00… 

Eileen Wurden donated 3368 times, from 30¢ to $5.00 each time. 

This strange pattern continues throughout the database and defies reality.  There are a lot of people who are unemployed or retired donating multiple times/day, every day, for 2 years?  Is someone donating money in these people’s names, laundering money, perhaps? 

You can check for yourself, perusing the database.  Try your own name or your friends’ names.  Come up with a rational explanation.  Perhaps you will find other strange patterns.  Is this George Soros money being laundered through these people? 

According to, Lydia Foght in Louisiana made 46,062 contributions totaling $813,218.25.  Wow.  And another weird thing is that these donations average $17.65 each.  Looking her up in the FEC database shows 40,240 donations to conservative recipients. That’s 55 donations/day.  Does that make any sense to any readers?  Why would someone make 55 donations every day for two years?  It doesn’t make any sense unless there is some kind of money laundering taking place.  Consider, if were a drug cartel and had massive amounts of money, would it make sense to donate it in others’ names to, effectively, buy politicians?   

There is definitely something fishy going on.  Perhaps YOU, the reader, can find it.  Play with the database.  Try your own name.  Is the data correct or are you finding that you donated 37¢, and $1.01, 153 times in those two years?  Maybe you can find other odd patterns.  I am sure that Charlie would be interested in knowing that YOU found, and what you think is going on, but whatever it is, it sure ain’t quite right. 

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