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County Executive Candidate Preview: Candidates running for County Executive to replace the retiring Jack Louws – Salary per year (2020) : $185,985 for a 4-year term.  OPEN SEAT; VOTING COUNTY WIDE

The Fourth Corner asked both County Executive candidates for any statement they wanted to make to potential voters.  Here are the contents of both statements received from their campaigns and unedited by The Fourth Corner.

“The Executive provides for an accountable and responsive county government by ensuring efficient, effective and economical administration in accordance with the County Charter, the Washington State Constitution and other applicable federal, state and local laws, as well as county policy.”

Tony Larson Age:56; Raised $149,019.02; Voted in 4 out of last 4 General Elections. Work Experience: President, Whatcom Business Alliance; Publisher, Business Pulse Magazine E-Mail:

Satpal Sidhu Age:69; Raised $107,009.94; Voted in 4 out of last 4 General Elections. Work Experience: Small Business Owner (Spice Hut and LyndenBerry) E-mail:


Tony Larson

My name is Tony Larson.  I was born in Whatcom County and have been actively engaged in the community in executive leadership roles for the past 35 years.  Read The Rest Here


Satpal Sidhu:

I have a passion to serve our community, and I bring a unique set of qualifications to tackle the issues facing our county. My campaign is about the investment we will make in our future. It is about leadership based on strong community values, thoughtful dialogue and a steady hand on the wheel of County Government. Read the Rest Here: