Running in the City of Blaine in the General Election for At-Large Pos 7 is Sukhwant Gill.


Sukhwant Gill Candidate for Blaine City Council At-Large Pos 7

Elected Experience:

Currently serving on Blaine City council.

Other Professional Experience:

25 years managing large budgets and economic development, operating several businesses with many employees in Blaine, and cross-border advertising. Previous 18 years experience as paymaster for a municipal electricity department in a district serving a population bigger than Blaine and Birch Bay combined.



College educated. Certified WA State Nursing Aid.

Community Service:

Served on the Blaine Tourism and Advisory Committee. Active locally with Miracle Food Network and faith based groups providing food and clothes for people in need. During the pandemic, offered housing solutions and his store gave away free bread and milk for several months.



Who is the boss? You are.

We must find smart ways for Blaine’s business, homes, and tourism to grow and develop as we transition past the covid-19 restrictions. The public’s money must be budgeted effectively to ensure city services are running well plus great opportunities for recreation. Our historic landmarks, and recent growth in dining and specialty shops can draw visitors who will increase city revenue and jobs. With my knowhow and teamwork, I can help steer us the right direction.

I will oppose raising your water & sewer rates. I will listen and respond to your concerns. You are the boss. I know to listen to stakeholders and experts, to make sure that we find solutions that will have the most benefit and the least harm to the businesses and citizens of Blaine.

Blaine is a beautiful place with many new possibilities. Let’s work together.