Whatcom County: Bellingham School District 501: Director Position 4: Phil Stockton


Phil Stockton Candidate for Bellingham School District Director Position 4

Philip Stockton successfully worked ten years in sales and marketing, for both small and large companies. After finishing college in 2018 to pursue his passion, Philip began working in community organizing with hopes of making an impact in his community. Getting to know people and finding solutions to divisive issues is his greatest strength, he hopes to bring these skills to the School Board.


Philip is running for school board because he believes in putting our students first. With the issues facing our district we need a fresh perspective, solutions that will take all concerns into account, and local control. He believes a top down system is harmful; curriculum and direction should be decided by the local community and not the state.

Philip understands the community’s concerns and can empathize. With drug addiction in his family, he knows how to support and help the most vulnerable students. Also, his wife has a disability, causing constant pain and affecting her daily life. When elected, Philip will work to direct funding for programs and improvements for our handicapable and vulnerable students.

Finally, Philip will prioritize advocating for the trades, ending discrimination, and fighting against teaching racist curriculum. With issues like these, Bellingham needs a Director that has solutions that won’t ignore our most vulnerable students.