Do teachers have complete control over the content of everything in the classroom… There may be a majority of Union bosses that believe it is best to have equity instead of any accountability or transparency… Do you agree?  Leave your comments..


Vancouver Candidate for School Board WEA pick

The WEA is heavily involved in political campaigns and activities they support candidates and even use their war chest to back local school board elections.

They also spend millions in statewide and other races to control the very people who decide their wages and put forth their political agenda with critical race theory and sex education.




Samples from the “Teaching truth educator FAQ” document of August 12th.

What about my classroom Black Lives Matter flag? 

Stating that Black Lives Matter is stating the truth – that we lift up our Black students and work to ensure they have equitable access to education and resources. Some non-Black people have harmfully and wrongly assumed that Black Lives Matter is a political statement or suggests unconditional support for an organization and its actions. WEA maintains that Black Lives Matter is appropriate, and indeed needed, in our schools. 

What about curricula like the 1619 Project and Black Lives Matter at School? 

I have been told by my administration I cannot teach Critical Race Theory. How does that impact me? 

What do I do if a parent has a problem with something I am teaching?    Corporate interests that seek to undermine public education are inciting paranoia among families,… Read the answers to all these questions below