Bill Number “5239- Water Availability”

To help correct the Hirst Decision of the Supreme Court

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A letter by the Executive Director of Common Threads Northwest: Jim McKinney Summarizes one of the many problems with the unintended consequences of the Hirst Decision right here in the Fourth Corner:

“The moratorium on well-drilling permits means the value of properties without existing access to water service “(in other words NO city water available)” will be significantly reduced – last year in Skagit County, similar devaluations averaged 75% for affected properties.

1..The Whatcom County Council had until May 2017 to find a solution before taking the extreme action to stop 100 to 200 in-progress permits.

2..In December 2016, the Council hurriedly re-affirmed the moratorium with no reasonable or economically viable solutions for property owners.

3..Domestic-use wells account for less than 1% of County Water usage.

4..The County Assessor estimates between 1,000 and 1,500 properties are immediately affected. Over 5,000 properties may be impacted over 3 years.”

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