A new coalition: Save Our Farms, Property Rights (CAPR), and Preserve our Jobs groups gather to have their voice heard on the future of Whatcom County “before its too late”

County Council nevertheless passes plan and includes $150,000 for a study to end jobs at Cherry Point

Ken Mann claims workers at Cherry Point “don’t understand” the expenditure or plan to study ending jobs at Cherry Point.

The Fourth Corner was at the Rally and were able to get interviews with attendees click the pictures for the interview.

We have interviews with:

Click Here for Pam Brady Government Affairs at BP.


Click Here for Alyssa Willis:19 Year Old Bellingham Technical College Student.


This from the organizers:

“Wake Up Whatcom County rally was a huge success! So many people from different industries with different concerns to take to the council. It was amazing to have so many from the farming community come out. So many came saying this was the first rally they had ever attended. These issues affect everyone.

Another pleasure was to hear from a Bellingham Technical Collage student, Alyssa Willis. She was amazing and set the bar for college students around this nation. Thank you to all who attended! Save our farms, protect our property rights and preserve our jobs!”

Check out the list of concerns of the coalition here.

A FOURTH CORNER STORY UPDATE: The Wake Up Whatcom Gathering Story goes National. The story includes Property Valuation and tax concerns that were first reported right here by the Fourth Corner. US NEWS Article Here