Political activists, confrontational, Provocateurs, radicals, controversial,  are some of the words people use to describe these two.   Dirty %#$*#&%!@@#* are some of the things you hear from those who are their targets; those that work to take away our rights through government overreach and over-regulation.  Glen Morgan and Tim Eyman have teamed up on a riveting road show to bring you “The Full Contact Activism Tour”: coming to Whatcom County May 10, 2018.

Some comments about the show:

“It’s going to be exciting and new in a format never seen before people are really going to like.”

“They are the provocateurs for sure keeping those in government focused on serving the people.”

The Full Contact Activism Tour Coming to A City Near You:

  • May 10th Thursday 6:00-8:00  Meridian High School 194 W Laurel Bellingham
  • May 12th Saturday 10:00 AM-12:30 PM  Snohomish County Courthouse 3000 Rockefeller Ave Everett Skyhomish 1st Floor

May 14th Monday  6:30-8:30 PM    Skagit PUD 1415 Freeway Dr Mt Vernon 

Get more details on this show you won’t want to miss:


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PDC Complaint filed by Glen Morgan is adjudicated by the state.

 Former 42nd District Democratic Candidate Sharlaine LaClair paid the state for her failure to follow the state’s campaign finance laws. 
In a complaint filed on Febrary 7th 2017 Glen Morgan makes several allegations against the Campaign opponent of Luanne VanWerven in 2016: Sharlane LaClair. Full Complaint Here.

Sharlaine Laclair

On February 14th ( the time given by the PDC)  Sharlane LaClair responded to the accusations actually admitting to many of the complaints made. LaClair Response Here.

The Case was turned over the Attorney General on April 10th 2018. Document here.
And finally the conclusion with the judgment by the State of Washington against the campaign committee of Sharlaine Laclair.  The Judgement is here.

Highlights of Judgment:

  • Fined $2,500.00 with $1250.00 suspended if there are no complaints within 4 years.
  • No Interest to be Charged if there is no payment.
  • No assessment of LaClair’s Campaign for investigative costs, legal fees or court costs.
Some facts:
The sum of the penalty was far lower than those seen to be imposed on other candidates.
LaClair is a member of the Lummi Tribe which gave just under $80,000 to Democrats and Democrat Causes in 2016.


A Third challenge is filed in the March 13th Conservation Election..

Bruce Ayers filed a third complaint concerns the lack of verification of electors in the recent elections.


1. Mr. Boggs, Executive Director provided a list of requested district electors/ballots after the deadline for requesting ballots. The reported total ballots requested was over 5300. Mr. Boggs indicated that the list had been checked for duplicates and verification of district electors.

2. 500 potential duplicates on the list. With same address and similar first names and

Conservation District Voting Place

middle initials.  I myself(Ayers) received two ballots in the mail. Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo received two ballots in one envelope

3.None of the ballots requested or counted through the mail for the CD election in 2018 were verified by a signature comparison at the County auditor’s office.

4.many people receive two or more ballots, we really don’t know how many mail-in ballot requests were for more than one ballot per person.  In view of the fact that this election was decided by 29 votes out of 4397 which is less than a 1/10th of

Bruce Ayers

1% margin. The potential for election error is too large to fairly certify this election as to who won.

See the full complaint here.

See the possible duplicate list here.