Rud Browne presented the following questions unannounced to the public at the January 4th meeting which was scheduled to Replace Senator Doug Ericksen.

Some political people are calling these “Summer campaign got ya questions” And are set up to cause further delay in the process of needed representation. Much of what he says is not in the purvey of the Council.

Questions for LD42 State Senate Candidates: As the outcome of the last Senate race in 2018 was decided by only 46 votes it is fair to say the 42nd District is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Whomever serves in the Senate seat will be expected by the voters to have a good understanding of the issues raised across the political spectrum.


1)What will you do to be effective in Olympia?

2)Why are you the best candidate to represent the 42nd Legislative District and what distinguishes you from the other nominees?

3)If appointed, what will be your top priorities and why?

4)How would you help maintain viable agriculture in the 42nd District?

5)The State House currently only allows vaccinated members to be in the House Chamber. If the Senate decides to impose the same vaccination requirements in order to be present in the Senate Chamber, are you be willing and able to comply with this requirement?

6)Share with us your thoughts on the Growth Management Act, and what, if any changes you would advocate for immediately?

7)Housing affordability is a key issue for all communities. Share with us your housing affordability priorities.

8)Our communities are also experiencing increasing levels of homelessness. What will you do as a legislator to meet the needs of Washingtonians who have no housing?

9)WA has an affordable housing crisis, what specific legislation would you propose to address this problem?

10) One way the California and Oregon legislatures have addressed the affordable housing shortage is by legalizing multi-family housing in all zoning areas, including single-family zoning, would you support this? Why or why not?

11) Transportation is a key issue for all WA communities. Share with us your transportation priorities.

12) WA State has significant transportation infrastructure needs, historically these investments have been funded by gas taxes.

• Do you believe we need to find more funding for transportation?

• Would you support raising the gas tax to fund additional investments in transportation?

• If you do not support raising the gas tax to pay for increased investments in transportation, where else would you get the revenue to pay for it?


13) In the last 2 years the residents of the 42nd have suffered more from the impacts of climate change than most other districts in the State. Two devastating floods, (the latest being the worst on record), drought, declining snowpack, and now severe freezing weather.

• Do you believe climate change is occurring?

• Do you believe the recent severe weather events experienced by the residents of the 42 nd district is due to climate change?

• Do you believe the cause of climate change is due to an increase of CO2 being released into the atmosphere from human consumption of fossil fuels?

• What policies will you advocate for in the legislature that will reduce and/or mitigate the impacts of the recent severe weather events experienced by the residents of the 42nd district

14) Every year the state legislature is considering more and more climate change related legislation. One such Bill currently making its way through the House is Engrossed 2nd Substitute – E2SHB 1099. • If this Bill reaches the Senate and you were asked to vote on it as currently written, would you vote in favor or in opposition?

• If you would not vote for it in its current form, but could edit it, what specific changes would you like to see made to the text of the bill, which if made, would allow you to vote for it?

15) If the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, will you support or oppose state laws and funding to allow all women in Washington to still have the freedom to retain control over their reproductive choices?

16) Gun violence and the proliferation of firearms used in crimes presents an ongoing danger to law-abiding residents of WA state and the Law Enforcement Officers tasked with protecting us. House Bill 1705 has been drafted to regulate a new threat called “Ghost Guns”

• If this Bill reaches the Senate and you were asked to vote on it as currently written, would you vote in favor or in opposition?

17) WA State has a very robust, inclusive, and accessible approach to voting, what if any aspect of the WA election system do you think needs to be changed and why?

18) If appointed to the position, do you intend to run for election to the 42 nd Senate seat in 2022?

19) [ Applicant Elenbaas only ] – If appointed, is it your intention to retain your position on the Whatcom County Council in addition to the Senate position, or will you resign from your position on the County Council effective immediately upon assuming the Senate position?

• If you intend to retain your seat on the County Council, how will you manage competing obligations that require your presence at the same time in both Whatcom County and Olympia?

20) What else would you like the residents of 42 nd district to know about you before the County Council votes on the appointment?