Twenty One Non/Profit -Politically Active Groups Make up Radical Green Coalition


July 7th 2014

I receive e-mail updates from an organization called: The Environmental Priorities Coalition :

Their stated Mission:

“A network of leading environmental groups in Washington state. Formed in 2003, the Environmental Priorities Coalition selects priority issues each legislative session that make Washington State a better place to live.”

Read on to see how one member seems to see the mission and how it excludes many members of our society in making Washington State a better place to live.

Current Members:

  1. American Rivers
  2. Audubon Washington
  3. Cascade Bicycle Club
  4. Climate Solutions
  5. Conservation Northwest
  6. Earth Ministry
  7. Environment Washington
  8. Fuse
  9. Futurewise
  10. The Lands Council 
  11. League of Women Voters of Washington
  12. NW Energy Coalition
  13. Sierra Club Washington
  14. Surfrider Foundation
  15. The Nature Conservancy
  16. Transportation Choices Coalition
  17. Washington Conservation Voters
  18. Washington Environmental Council
  19. Washington Toxics Coalition
  20. Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition
  21. Zero Waste Washington         

Water Meeting July 10th  

A Forum on Water Resources and Water Rights

Fourth in a Series

Issues and Solutions: What’s Next?

Date:    Thursday, July 10 2014

Time:    7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Place:   Silver Reef Hotel/Casino; West Theater Room, Event Center

In an outlandish report Environment Washington accused locally owned Brooks Mfg. of dumping over a million pounds of toxic waste into the Nooksack River AND its reports showed Brooks was the number 4 polluter in the United States.  (See their environment America Center report here on page “Appendix 49”)  KGMI repeats the report on the air as fact barely 24 hours after the “Environment Washington”press release comes out (see the press release here)

The Truth:

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency and Brooks Mfg state the figure is One Pound of toxic waste, that’s right one pound in fact the Environment Washington report is actually

One Million Twenty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Six Pounds in error


Was it a mistake by Environment Washington and their research organ “Environment America Center.Org” or just more corporate bashing by a zealot green activist organization??  You decide…

Brooks Mfg, the LOCAL small corporation that employs about 65 people with family wage jobs; did not even get a courtesy call from KGMI, for a response to Environment Washington’s News Release BEFORE the misinformation of the  story was published on the air waves. KGMI did apologize on Monday after the Friday Morning report.  But sadly Environment Washington has not apoloziged or removed the report from their website.

So the question becomes  does KGMI give a “pass” on any story that the Environmental Priorities Coalition Members produce and not on others?  You Decide… It seems KGMI might want to let Environment Washington know of their error and report  the response of Environment Washington to the public.

The conclusion… In the ideal of media without an agenda someone would have been fired for such shoddy reporting.  In the present day we must each be our own fact finders.  Its sad that the press would rather uplift government and bash good corporate neighbors like zealot environmental groups seem so willing to do.  It seems that Enviroment Washington is being very selective in its mission of making the state a better place to live.


 It is still unknown which Legislative District Senate Candidate Seth Fleetwood resides in.

There have been concerns about Senate Candidate Seth Fleetwood’s frequent  changes in his voting address in the last five months. See below for some of the facts.  It will be important to ferret out these issues as the campaign progresses.

Seth Fleetwood Senate Candidate in the 42nd District. A list of his voting registration addresses since December 2013.

  • Fact: According to Whatcom County Auditor Records at the time, he moved his Voting Registration Address from Palm St in South Bellingham to 17th Street located in the 40th District on Dec. 4th 2013
  • Fact: According to Whatcom County Auditor Records at the time, he moved his voting Registration Address from 17th St in South Bellingham to 6999 Helweg Lane in the Blaine area in the 42nd District on April 29, 2014— The day he announced his run for the Senate in the 42nd Legislative District.  There is no evidence that he ever lived there.
  • Fact: According to Whatcom County Auditor Records at the time, he moved his Registration Address from 6999 Helweg Lane in the Blaine area to a home for sale for 1.5 million dollars at 1504 Irving Lane in the Fort Bellingham area of Whatcom County. He did this Registration Address Change on May 15th 2014 the day he filed for office; both the Blaine and North Bellingham addresses are in the 42nd Legislative District. There has been no evidence he has moved there.
  • Fact: A Diane Lookman is also registered to vote at the 1504 Irving Lane Address and one Michael Lookman is the owner of record at the home according to the Whatcom County Assessor Records but is not registered to vote there.

Is Seth Fleetwood just confused about where he wants to register to vote (generally people move to a place AND THEN change their registration)? Did he ever live at the Blaine Address?

Does anyone care that his registration process in the 42nd looks contrived and only politically motivated?

Write me back an e-mail if you have an opinion either way.


Contact your Legislators Below:

40th District

jpeg                jpeg              jpeg

Senator Kevin Ranker                Representative Jeff Morris       Representative Kristine Lytton

E-mail & Other Info                      E-mail & Other Info                E-Mail & Other Info

Olympia Office:                           Olympia Office:                      Olympia Office:
215 John A. Cherberg Bldg            436A Legislative Building         310 John L. O’Brien Building
PO Box 40440                                PO Box 40600                         PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0440               Olympia, WA 98504-0600        Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7678                              (360) 786-7970                              (360) 786-7800

42nd District

 jpeg               jpeg              jpeg        

Senator Doug Ericksen               Representative Jason Overstreet   Representative Vincent Buys

E-mail & Other Info                    E-Mail & Other Info                       E-Mail & Other Info

Olympia Office:                         Olympia Office:                            Olympia Office:
414 Legislative Building              422 John L. O’Brien Building           470 John L. O’Brien Building
PO Box 40442                             PO Box 40600                                PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0442            Olympia, WA 98504-0600               Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7682                           (360) 786-7980                              (360) 786-7854

Current Government Environmental dogma:

  • The Earth is warming   
  • Increase in Carbon Dioxide is the only cause that matters.  
  • Carbon Dioxide increase is caused by human activity.

Conclusion of the dogma:

  1. Warming is happening, warming will continue to happen, warming will increase (INTO THE FUTURE) based on Human Behavior only.
  2. Human policy in Washington State will be predicated on this conclusion and we must comply with all policies to save the earth from Carbon and only Carbon “overheating” IN THE FUTURE.
  3. Washington State MUST lead in Carbon Only reduction by spending its tax dollars, potential jobs and give up its inexpensive power to get this done.

Professor Emeritus Don Easterbrook of WWU testified March 26th, 2013 in front of the Washington State Senate’s Energy Environment & Telecommunications Committee.  The Link to the testimony is here.

Let your legislators know you want common sense legislation and common sense energy costs AND a real definition for “Green Energy”.