State Equity and Diversity Training(which many refer to as Critical Race Theory) Releases most districts from the need to have student learning and equal opportunity as their primary focus…

Some fear the divisions created could make it less safe in the public school system.


In Several releases from the Washington State School Directors and the Washington Adminstrators Association there is considerable training on how to manage the use of what some call Critical Race Theory in education.

  1. In a 4 page document called  “Equity in a Divided Community” located here… The school system speaks about their views of the difference between Critical Race Theory and “Equity”.
  2. In a 2 page document called “ESSB 5044 Fact Sheet” they speak about the actual bill passed by the legislature and ask questions and give answers to what the bill calls for and actions to fulfill the requirements.
  3.  In a 13 Page slide show the Education Representatives talk about “equity/in a divided community” with such talking points as “Educational equity & use of the term ‘critical race theory’” and “leading in divisive times- Talking Points for community conversations about equity”; this is the hi point document for those arguing for the division of the education experience in Washington State.
  4. In a 5 page document the theme of Equity/In a divided Community is continued with “Leadership Tips and Talking Points.

After researching all of these documents there is little if any conversation about equality; nor of student learning or student safety in the Washington State School System.

Many parents in Whatcom County have voiced concerns about the coming school years concerning communication, transparency and accountability in their school district for their childern’s education .

Here is the link to the Meridian Parent Group Letter

Here is the link to the Bellingham Open letter to the School District

Washington Policy Center has reported that the Chehlais school district has passed a resolution that states in part

We will not teach Chehalis students that people, due to their race or background are inherently good or bad, guilty or innocent, more or less capable than others.”

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