Washington State Top Story 2023… The Six Pak

An average of 443719 signatures per petition mostly ignored by “legacy” print press in Washington State.

Turn in of The Six Pak Initiatives ‘Brian Heywood’

The Mc Clathcy newspapers (Bellingham Herald, The Olympian, The Tri City Herald) along with their 49.9% ownership of the largest state Newspaper (The Seattle Times) had a grand total of 2 stories that contained “Let’s (Lets) Go Wa” the organization that was a main sponsor of the filed initiatives. Other news organizations mostly followed suit.

The “I 2117 Stop the Hidden Gas Tax” has received the most attention from the Seattle Times awakening their environmentalist (climate change reporter Conrad Swanson) for an article. The Times also carried 2 of Opinion writer Danny Westneat’s articles and 2 Articles from their political reporter(Jim Bruner).  In most instances the media gave only one or two reports on all of the initiatives.  With the exception of the Lynnwood Times which according to our study had the best coverage of those we checked.  You can check these sources by doing a search for “Let’s Go WA” or “Brian Heywood” who heads “Let’s Go WA”.

Do you know about these initiatives?

When the Secretary of State has validated enough signatures (325,000); these Initiatives will be placed before the legislature for action.  They have three choices and only three choices:  1. Pass the Initiative into law as written in the initiative .  2. Pass a similar law that does the same thing and place it along side the initiative on the November ballot. 3. Or take no action either way and then the Initiative will be placed on the ballot for an up or down vote by the people.  NOTE: The governor cannot Veto the passage of an initiative.

I-2117 :Stop the Hidden Gas Tax… The initiative is a long list of RCW’s(Revised Code of Washington) that will be repealed, if passed by the legislature or by the people if it fails in the Legislature.

I-2081: Parental Notification…  This measure would allow parents and guardians of public-school children to review instructional materials and inspect student records, including health and disciplinary records, upon request.

Parental Consent

I-2113: Reasonable Police Pursuit (No Fake Solutions)... Restoring the authority of a peace officer to engage in a vehicular pursuit when there is reasonable suspicion a person has violated the law.

I-2109: Repeal the Capital Gains Tax (Don’t Punish Innovators & Family Businesses)... This measure would repeal an excise tax imposed on the sale or exchange of certain long-term capital assets by individuals who have annual capital gains of over $250,000.

I-2111: No State Income Tax (Keep Washington Prosperous)... This measure would prohibit the state, counties, cities, and other local jurisdictions from imposing or collecting income taxes, defined as having the same meaning as “gross income” in the Internal Revenue Code.

I-2124: Long Term Care Opt Out (Let Worker’s Choose)...  Allow employees to opt-out of coverage under RCW 50B.04 at any time, and repeal a current law governing exemptions.