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Study discloses widespread opportunity to cheat the voting process..

Even before counting or before ballots are received by the Auditors office; there is a very large opportunity  to “game” the system and win elections through unchecked voter processes.

By law and rule ballots are received and accepted without widespread checks on such things as the 30 day residency requirement as stated in the Constitution, with no checks by the Department of Licensing for citizenship when registering new voters, with no follow up on rejected signatures to see why they were not corrected and if someone forged a signature, mailing two ballots to one voter and more.

And how then can we; with the citizen only complaint system currently in place; make certain fraud is limited BEFORE ballots are put into the batches to be counted.

To this end  After the 2020 election The Washington State Republican Party has set up an “Election Integrity  Committee”.

The chairman of this committee is Skagit County GOP chairman Bill Bruch who has set up the

Skagit County Republican Party Chairman Bill Bruch

Skagit Voter Integrity Project (SVIP). Here is a report from the project

“In the Nov 2020 elections we had many elections related discrepancies and anomalies — As a remedy the Skagit Voter Integrity Project (SVIP) Volunteers have been doing door-to-door canvassing throughout Skagit County with the purpose of helping to clean our county’s voter rolls. During this effort we have been identifying hundreds of voters who are NOT legally authorized electors in Skagit County. In accordance with RCW 29A.08.105 and in compliance with the Help America Vote Act (P.L. 107-252), WA State maintains a centralized statewide voter database. This database includes both the voter registration data and the data of those that actually voted. Specifically, RCW 29A.08.125 states that the database includes, the name, date of birth, residence address, signature, gender, vote history and date of registration of every legally registered voter in the state.

Using data from the state voter registration database SVIP volunteers knocked on over 3,000 Skagit County registered voters’ doors. To date we have over 1,750 written and signed affidavits, and over 1,530 voter anomalies. Many of these anomalies are potential or real phantom voters (voters who do not exist). Examples Include: Over 830 cases where a listed registered voter of the address voted in the November 2020 election, but the voter does not live at the address.

Over a hundred of these cases show the registered voter has not lived at the residence for two or more years (with 19 cases 10 years or more), and a dozen cases where over 10 people are registered to vote and voted in 2020, but do not live at the residence. Also, volunteer canvassers have been able to identify dozens of registered voters who received at least two ballots in the mail, dozens who never received any ballot in the mail; at least 43 deceased voters who cast a ballot, and we were able to give the Skagit Auditor a list of 137 registered voters in the county who all had duplicate registrations. Other anomalies include current registered voters who may have voted in the November 2020 election and who are registered to vote at dozens of addresses that do not exist including numerous vacant lots;   a park kayak rental facility… An Abandoned Drive in Theatre and a marina park fuel dock

Yesterday the committee submitted an eleven page Skagit Voter Integrity Project Summary Report to our three Skagit County Commissioners. Also, these anomalies are being documented and recorded and have been sent to the Skagit County Auditor and the WA State SOS.

Our work has just begun but the efforts to clean up the voter rolls are already yielding important results. For more about our canvassing see video here and here by Glen Morgan that describes why and what we are doing regarding Election Integrity and the volunteer canvassing process.”