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See the Results of Fourth Corner Voter survey here

April 11th to April 14th Survey Results: The Fourth Corner ran a poll Beginning Sunday April 11 until April 14th.  This included all subscribers of the Fourth Corner and was open to the public on Facebook and our website. Over 800 People responded. Thanks for your participation... We ran 10 questions with the main subjects being COVID, Voting and  Media. Survey Takers supplied their own demographics on their political leanings, their age, gender, and ...

Senator Ericksen introduces legislation to use Valid ID’s in the voting process

  Restoring public confidence is the primary concern of a bill to be introduced in the State Senate by Senator Doug Ericksen 42nd Leg District.  One requirement would be that a voter must show a valid id for voting. Sen Doug Ericksen "Voters would have to show valid government-issued photo ID before being allowed to cast a ballot." Said Ericksen.  Here are the details... Would increase public confidence by returning state to ...

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