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Photo ID/In-Person Voting

Photo ID/In-Person Voting  Author:  Gerald Hulbert: I am a retired Customs Agriculture Officer and veteran of Navy, Air Guard, and Airforce Reserves (1969-1994). I have worked on several campaigns. I have lived here in Sumas since 1993. Sumas, WA: Fraud has been associated with this November election 2020 as official entities engage in the investigations, resolve lawsuits, and seek other legal avenues toward revelation and resolution.  Regardless of the conclusions, however, the voting process ...

Bham City Hall Closes; Public Hatchet attack injures passerby at 210 Bham Metro News calls for Mayor to resign

  City closes City Hall and Library to all business!! "January 25-30,2021:  City Hall and Library Closed for the week Bellingham City Hall and Bellingham Public Library Central Library will remain closed to the Homeless Tents reappear at City Hall public and employees for this week, out of an abundance of caution for the safety of all — campers, volunteers, City employees and members of the public. Those with City business to ...

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