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Honoring a Life of Public Service

The Ferndale City Council Considers a Resolution on naming the Road to I-5 Connection Bridge, The Senator Douglas J. Ericksen Bridge. From the time he entered college until the time he passed away his life's goal was not money but to serve those in his community.  I was lucky to be a friend of Doug Ericksen for many of those years. He worked hard as a "part time" member of the state legislature for ...

Freedom Caucus says Fire the Governor

 "Political agenda on Managing COVID makes us all less safe" :Freedom Caucus.          Senators call for the resignation of Gov Inslee...                               Oct. 19, 2021   As thousands are fired under Inslee decree, Senate Freedom Caucus calls on governor to resign Mass-termination event is last straw -- senators cite failure of leadership Thousands of state employees get ax ...

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