North County Flood Whatcom 2021

City of Blaine: Small Towns letter to state officials “might not represent the best solution”

Mayor of Blaine: Some of our council members felt very strongly that this letter might not represent the best solution. You Decide.   WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Some small city mayors in Whatcom County sent the following letter to the heads of 4 state agencies asking them to implement water management solutions addressing floods, drought and other problems that they say have damaged their communities in the past year.   From: January 28, 2022 ...

The meeting after the flood: Government officials

The November 24th Meeting at Nooksack High School following the flooding event in North County brings several responses Click Here to help out with current needs   Whatcom County Government Version:A long 3 hour and 20 minute (The Fourth Corner watched the recorded version for this report) meeting on November 24th brought together Government officials and the community. Amidst high emotion the Government officials both elected and those holding various levels of ...


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