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Meridian Parents group writes Open Letter to School Board… Over 100 Sign

Parent Group at Meridian writes open letter to School administrators   Here is the Full Letter released to the Meridian School Administration and the Board on Wednesday signed by over 100 parents of the Meridian Parent Coalition: June 22, 2021 Meridian Public School District Board of Directors, Dr. Everett and Mr. Harvill, Thank you for the time and effort you have put into the Meridian School District. All of you play a huge role ...

The Future of Rural School Districts in Washington State. Meridian PPP

The FUTURE IS NOW AT MERIDIAN!! This from the Superintendent of Meridian School District Tom Churchill: "The new campus on Laurel Rd. will house the Meridian Parent Partnership Program (MP3).  MP3 will vacate their current location at the Ten Mile Creek Elementary (TMCE) on Hemmi Rd.  This will free up 12 classrooms at the TMCE building to be used to house a growing population at Irene Reither Elementary (IRE)..." See below to see how ...

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