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The Fourth Corner General Election 2022 election.

THE FOURTH CORNER  RECOMMENDATIONS!! Here they are:         A.  STATEWIDE: U.S. Senate Tiffany Smiley. U.S. Congress Representative District 2 Dan Matthews State Secretary of State to fill Kim Wyman's term: Julie Anderson seems to favor ranked order voting which is actually being voted on in Seattle this type of voting removes the one person one vote rule and weighs votes differently. VOTE RECOMMENDATION: Either Steve Hobbs or Protest Write-In Brad Klippert ...

Directory to Candidates Election 2021

Here is a list of Candidates with links to their photos and unedited statements... At Large County Council: (Primary)Whatcom:Council At-Large in Whatcom County:Kamal Bhachu (Primary) Whatcom: Council At-Large in Whatcom County: Bob Burr (Primary)Whatcom: Whatcom County Council At Large: Misty Flowers 1st District County Council: (Primary) Whatcom County: Whatcom County Council District 1 Kaylee Galloway (Primary) Whatcom County: Whatcom County Council District 1 Jeremiah Ramsey City of Blaine: (Primary)Whatcom: Colin Hawkins: Blaine City ...

Overturning the Will of the People as easy as 1,2,3

2019 a year of government working hard to overturn the will of the people and in so doing challenging the Rule of Law and the implementation tradition of the Constitution.             1.  The impeachment of Donald Trump: Impeachment articles have been passed by the House but now for the first time in history: the House refuses to pass them to the Senate.  Articles of Impeachment Here. And for the first time in history these ...

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