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How they voted 2021 Legislature Part 2

  5 More Bills of note and how they voted: E2SSB 5126: Click for details Cap-and-trade becomes just one more tax increase – 18 cents per gallon of gas among other costs on home heating and manufacturing – on top of the others being considered this year. The expenditures in SB 5126 would do literally nothing to reduce CO2 emissions. The cap-and-trade and Senate transportation package would increase gas taxes by 28 cents per ...

In Olympia The opposition reacts… Gas taxes to double; poor, the low income and farmers will take the hit

New taxes bring no "measurable" effect on environment or build better roads Democrats passed both a cap-and-trade and LCFS bill, the impacts of which will increase the gas tax by 55 cents without any measurable effect on the environment or better roads. Combined with the current rates, total gas tax will eventually grow to $1.23/gallon. Sen. Judy Warnick, the top-ranking Republican on the Senate agriculture committee, said, “I think the high cost is going to ...

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