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Where is the news on 6 historical initiatives:Senator Simon Sefzik A letter

By SIMON SEFZIK sefzik Simon Sefzik is a former Washington state senator for the 42nd Legislative District and now works as a director for Project 42, a nonprofit aiming to build a durable infrastructure to improve the course of Washington.  In 1912, Washington state pioneered “direct democracy” as one of the first to formalize an initiative and referendum process, allowing citizens to organize and directly create and reform laws. This gave a ...

Top Washington State Story of 2023 continues into 2024

Washington State Top Story 2023... The Six Pak An average of 443719 signatures per petition mostly ignored by "legacy" print press in Washington State. Turn in of The Six Pak Initiatives 'Brian Heywood' The Mc Clathcy newspapers (Bellingham Herald, The Olympian, The Tri City Herald) along with their 49.9% ownership of the largest state Newspaper (The Seattle Times) had a grand total of 2 stories that contained "Let's (Lets) Go Wa" ...

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