Thanks to everyone who participated in our “March-April Poll on the Covid-19 Virus”!!


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The Fourth Corner ran an unscientific Survey of its readers and received hundreds of responses over a 10 day period.

The poll shows that many in our community are very serious and concerned about what is happening here in the Fourth Corner and beyond.  Below find sample questions we asked readers;

For example:

Our survey showed that the community has taken this pandemic very seriously. In a response to the Question: In your individual situation: what do you think about the virus spread?

Less than 2% of Survey takers checked the: “B. I am going to continue to do all of the social interactions I did before and will take a chance I won’t get sick.” option.

Over 98% checked other responses; including 34% checking the option “D. I am staying at home at this time no matter what. Only going out for groceries and essential items.” 

Here is the question and results for the

The Media: Question—

Are you satisfied with the amount and quality of information you are getting from Regional Media (excluding social media) concerning the Corona Virus Outbreak?

Sample comments from 4th Corner Readers on this question.

From the Fourth Corner: Each and every comment was great and expressed both concern and questions about the events during the Pandemic… The following comments are a random sampling to see the Complete Survey results .

1.)”The daily updates by the Covid Task Force have been important to me so I don’t have to sift through “fake news.” I don’t trust much of National Media.”

2.)”I could do with less sensationalism and drama.”

3.)”Local media – pretty good
State media – sometimes ok
National media – mostly propaganda”

4.)”Being informative and transparent is one thing.But blowing it out of proportion is another. There needs to be perspective on this virus, as compared to lives lost due to influenza, cancer, natural disasters, and any number of other things.”

5.)”There are so many conflicting opinions being reported on that it is hard to know what to believe.”

6.)”No desire to deliver information that helps the citizens understand the actual risks or all the risks involved with intubation and ventilators versus the risk of the anti malarial treatment.
Also the death reports as sadly lacking in detail – we don’t need names but we should know ages , area and frequency of travel and underlying health conditions.”