Republicans in the Senate Report on 6 Items in just 5 minutes… Listen in…

Senator Linda Wilson, Vancouver Washington

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  1. Easier for Violent Criminals to get at clemency. Sen Linda Wilson,(Vancouver) Senator Jeff Holy(Spokane) and Senator Judy Warnick,(Moses Lake) explain why Republican Senators think this is a bad idea.
  2. Washington is 2nd in the United States in theft per capita at 2.7 Billion.  Senator Mike

    Senator Mike Padden, Spokane Valley

    Padden(Spokane) makes comments on three of his 3 bills . One to make it a felony for a gang of three or more to steal $750.00 worth of Merchandise.

  3. Emergency Powers bill Sen Jeff Wilson(Longview) talks about constituent input.
  4. Senator John Braun, Centralia

    Senate leader John Braun (Centralia) reports on the repeal of the Long Term Care Act. Senate Bill 5965

  5. Sen Linda Wilson(Vancouver) talks about funding Family Paid Leave with Cannabis tax receipts.
  6. Sen Brad Hawkins(E Wenatchee) takes a look at transportation.