What some call “Moratorium” government continues with the County Planning Commission having another hearing on possible changes to the Comprehensive plans on Cherry Point on Thursday September 12th at the Whatcom County Courthouse.


This continues a 3 year process by the County Council that included the hiring of a legal firm to try to overturn the commerce clause in the US Constitution; to the County Council preventing the capability of a business to create a safer workplace by instituting onerous permit processing.  History of Moratorium by Council here.

Proposed Permitting changes could threaten a project at one of the Refineries working with a company called “Renewed Energy Group”:  this company would have facilities next to the refinery to use “BioSynfining” technology to produce non-fossil fuel Biofuels.(A fossil fuel alternative)

What can be the reason for the County Council and Planning Commission to continue to dither on the Comprehensive plan and make it more difficult to do business at the only area in the County to have heavy manufacturing zoning?

The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of Socialism

1any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

From the Editor:

  • Ask them if they want to put Cherry Point out of business by making it unsafer to work and blocking any growth that includes common sense components that make it a cleaner more prosperous place to work.
  • Ask them how they would replace the tax dollars that support our community; our schools; our roads and everything we like about living here.
  • Ask them to ask the Council to stop Moratorium government and get something done.
  • Ask them how long they believe these job producing industries will continue to stay here if the Council continues their lack of leadership by ongoing moratoriums.
  • Ask the commission to ask the Council why their form of Moratorium government is not just a tool to produce a Socialist response.

Here is a chart of the effect of Cherry Point on Property tax Revenue for the County.  This does not even consider the reduction of sales tax revenues from thousands of jobs leaving the county.

Whatcom County Planning Commission Members

September 12, 2019 Town Hall Meeting Council Chambers
District Name Term
1 Stephen Jackson Partial ending 1/2021
1 Kimberley Lund Term ends 1/2021
2 Robert Bartel Term ends 1/31/2023
3 Dominic Moceri Term ends 1/31/2023
3 Atul Deshmane 1/2017 to 1/2021
4 Gary Honcoop 1/2016 to 1/2020
4 Jon Maberry 1/2018 to 1/2022
5 Kelvin Barton 1/2018 to 1/2022
5 Natalie McClendon 1/2018 to 1/2022