All the attention on Sen Ericksen’s pay Made us here in the Fourth Corner Wonder about fellow Whatcom Senator Ranker and his pay out side of his part-time pay.

The Fourth Corner did some work using the Public Disclosure Commission F-1 Reports and voting records.

F-1 Report:  A personal financial statement that all elected officials must file with the Public Disclosure Commission by April 15th for the prior year. It discloses income and expense from all sources for the candidate/officeholder.

In Senator Ranker’s case these reports show the following facts:

  • Senator Ranker is the  Principal & owner of Coast Consulting LLC since 2009
  • In 2013 One of his clients was Meridian Institute of Washington D.C.
  • In 2014 Senator Ranker filed with the Public Disclosure Commission (a Modification Application) to hide the identity of three clients.
  • His 2014 Modification Application shows:
    • that his Average annual Sales were between $100,000-120,000 Annually for the clients he wishes to hide.
    • that he had been reporting one of the companies to the PDC (Meridian Institute) before this request.
    • these clients are out of state.
    • that he believes he would be at an extreme competitive disadvantage if he disclosed his clients names.
    • that he requested the modification be applied to 2013 and Future Years
  • His 2014 (F)inancal-1(A)mendment Form Shows:
    • The Ocean Foundation was disclosed as a client that provided income between $4500-$23499 of his income for work outside the Legislature.
  • His 2015 F-1A Shows:
    • The Ocean Foundation was disclosed as a client that provided between $48,000-$119,000 of his income for work outside the Legislature.

Click Here for a complete list of all the source documents from the PDC. NOTE: Their are 25 Pages click on bottom of page to go to next page.

If you click on the Company (Meridian Institute)or (Ocean Foundation)  you will see they are nonprofit “Environmental” sites or  “Climate Change caused by human sites”. . Senator Ranker is consulting with these environmental industrial complex clients.  His job as a Senator is to make policy and legislation for all of Washington State.  He serves on the Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee… Is there a conflict of interest? You decide.

Missed Votes:

Senator Ranker 15  And Since Jan 2013   189

Senator Ericksen 11 And Since Jan 2013  103

Per Diem and work:

Each Senator receives ($120.00 per day) to be away from home during session.

In this session Senator Ranker has received the Maximum (84 days–7 Days a week)  through the end of March.

In this session  Senator Ericksen has received (49 days— using a 7 Day a week formula) through the end of March.

It seems Senator Ericksen is not charging the state for time in his other duties. But what about Senator Ranker?

Senator Ranker is putting on “Campaign Rallies called Hope and Action” in his district; in the 42nd district; and even in Seattle.

On March 19th Senator Ranker appeared in Bellingham in a “Hope and Action” event at the Mt Baker Theater (in the 42nd District) Sponsored by the Lummi Tribe and 40th District Democrats among others.

On February 19th Another Hope and Action event , on Orcas Island paid for by the 40th District Democrats.

On April 2nd Senator Ranker appeared in Seattle at another “Hope and Action” event expenses covered by his Campaign funds.

Should he be collecting per diem from the State Senate for these campaign events?  You decide.  You won’t hear the Seattle Times ask that question.