April 11th to April 14th Survey Results:

The Fourth Corner ran a poll Beginning Sunday April 11 until April 14th.  This included all subscribers of the Fourth Corner and was open to the public on Facebook and our website.

  • Over 800 People responded. Thanks for your participation…
  • We ran 10 questions with the main subjects being COVID, Voting and  Media.
  • Survey Takers supplied their own demographics on their political leanings, their age, gender, and vocation.
1 Should Governor Inslee terminate the COVID State of Emergency at this time?
Yes 86.47%
No 11.15%
No Opinion 2.38%
2 Have you been vaccinated or tested positive for COVID?
Yes 40.46%
No 25.66%
No and I don’t plan on being vaccinated 33.88%
3 What is your opinion of the Health Departments in our state.
They have done a good job during the Pandemic 7.64%
They have done a bad job during the Pandemic 38.35%
They have done an adequate job during the Pandemic 29.82%
No Opinion 24.19%
4 Are you satisfied with the amount and quality of information you have received from Regional Media (excluding social Media) concerning the Pandemic.
Yes I think Local; Regional; State; and National Media are doing a good to excellent jobs. 5.64%
Sometimes I think Local; Regional; State; and National Media are doing a good to average jobs. 15.79%
No I think Local; Regional; State; and National Media are doing a poor to failing jobs. 52.38%
No Opinion 9.52%
Other Opinion 16.67%
5 Are laws requiring voters to show photo identification; such as a driver’s license before being allowed to vote; necessary to “a fair and secure election process”?
Yes 91.24%
No 6.27%
Not Sure 2.48%
6 When the Media write or talk about President Biden, are most reporters trying to help the president, block the president, or are they simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner?
Trying to help the president. 82.88%
Trying to block the president. 1.57%
Most reporters are interested in reporting news in an unbiased manner. 6.01%
Not Sure. 9.54%
7 After Georgia passed a new election law, Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver. What do you think of the move?
A Good Idea 9.02%
A Bad Idea 80.52%
Not Sure 10.46%
8 Some polling has shown that some Georgia Republican voters did not vote in 2021 because they thought their vote wouldn’t count because of the 2020 voting and counting environment.Do you think there is voter fraud Washington State?
Yes 72.98%
No 12.72%
Not Sure 14.30%
9 In 2018 the Washington State Legislature passed a “same day registration bill” without presenting identification. It allows anyone to register to vote and cast their vote up until 8:00PM on Election Night. How do you feel about this legislation?
Its good and gives everyone the opportunity to vote in our elections. 5.96%
Its bad and opens our mail-in system in Washington to fraud. 89.40%
Not Sure. 4.64%
10 Auditor’s office’s are the only place a person can register to vote up to Election Night… Should College Campuses become another point of same day registration?
Yes 5.58%
No 88.71%
Not Sure 5.71%


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