Several issues have increased interest in local school board races. Make sure you know what the facts are.

In the 5 counties in the Northwest Corner of the state there is more than average interest in the School Board Races.

From Male/Female bathrooms to Sex Education to Critical Race Theory and the COVID pandemic schools are facing several challenges on keeping their focus on the traditional goals of Student learning and Teachers training to foster ALL students in their classrooms.

All of these issues have increased interest in local school board races in the Fourth Corner. Our first goal is to provide general information by County for races and any other pertinent information and then present the races that will be competitive in each district with a snippet quote from each candidate’s “Candidate Statement”.

We have found, for example, that many candidates are adding the word equity to their statements. These are the folks that often favor Equity over Equality. They may back some of what is commonly known as Critical Race Theory.

We have included information on Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) on Student head counts in the 2019 School Year and the 2021 Year so far to show some of the effect of the COVID year on public education. (NOTE: this is an “ongoing” head count by district and may change over time)

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Whatcom County School Races in Detail

Whatcom County


Whatcom County Districts:
Total Board Positions County up for election 15

Unopposed Incumbents: 2 Races
Unopposed Open Seats: 3 Races (New People)
Open Seats with Competition: 2 Races (New People)
Challenged Incumbents:8 Races


In The Endorsed BY column the following Codes apply:

  • WCRP- Whatcom County Republican Party..
  • WPRE -Washington Parents Rights for Education…
  • Fourth Corner- This Publication

Interested in different Districts than those listed above?

Other races are just as important in all the Counties Here are some links to Help


Organizations contributing to this report:

Washington State Parents Right For Education is an organization located here.

What Washington Parents Right For Education  Stands For

  • We stand for the fundamental right of parents to raise their children, and firmly believe children belong to their families, NOT the state, the teachers, the teachers’ union, or any other bureaucrat. We believe that in this current, and increasing political climate of medical mandates, forced vaccines, and the hyper sexualization of children through various outlets; parents have the final say, and call the shots.We’re committed to equality and equal protections for ALL parents, and ALL families. Please stand with us, speak up, and join our cause.


Concerned Taxpayers of Snohomish County

  • Their vision statement on facebook is:“Keep up with what is happening in Snohomish County government, community and all things that concern taxpayers.”

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