Save the Whales; Save the Salmon…

Following the call to tear down dams and other drastic new tax policies to save the Orca (just under a billion dollars in the Governor’s Budget) comes a new piece of legislation by Senator Doug Ericksen…

Doug Karlberg

For backgound: Here is the podcasts of the January 19th 2019 Saturday Morning Live Show as Kris Halterman interviewed local Fisherman Doug Karlberg.

On the program Mr. Karlberg lets the listensers know that Alaska has had a successful hatchery program by placing hatcheries closer to the ocean among other management improvements.


Taking this information and adding it to other information Sen Ericksen has introduced Senate Bill 5824, that would:

Sen Doug Ericksen

  • Promote public-private investment in new Puget Sound hatcheries
  • Pilot project would be built in Bellingham
  • Provide the Best way to ensure adequate feedstock for Puget Sound orcas.

The full proposal is here…Ericksen save-the-whales bill puts emphasis on new salmon hatcheries.

Mumps outbreak appears among ICE detainees in Houston.

Both CBS and the AP are reporting the outbreak of Mumps among detainees that have not crossed the border at recognized border crossings.  Up to seven people have contracted the virus say local health officials.

AP Story Here                             CBS Video Here

France: Yellow Vests protest turn violent again this weekend… Still continuing after 13 straight weeks.

The yellow vest activists; are trying to achieve electoral success but the movement is politically divided and has no appointed leader.

AP Story Here:

Rasmussen Polling reports Trump Rating at 52% Approval .

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance…Trump’s highest level of approval since shortly after his inauguration.

Trends and tracking poll here: