Satpal Sidhu

I have a passion to serve our community, and I bring a unique set of qualifications to tackle the issues facing our county. My campaign is about the investment we will make in our future. It is about leadership based on strong community values, thoughtful dialogue and a steady hand on the wheel of County Government.

We are better than our current politics. We have more in common than what divides us. We must not be powerless to solve our common issues due to our inability to have civil and meaningful conversations. Here are a few of the issues which we must address as an entire community.

Environment and Climate Change. Climate change is an existential threat to the human species. For the past 150 years, we have not been cleaning up after ourselves. We must take full responsibility, stop polluting and take action to reverse this trend.

Housing Affordability and Land-Use Planning. The land we have already set aside for human habitation should be used in a way to accommodate more people. We cannot continue to develop ag lands and natural areas. At the same time, housing construction must be accelerated, and the county and municipalities will have to work together, and with the private sector, to make this happen.

Economic Development and Job Growth. My workforce development successes at BTC were recognized at the state level by two governors. I will bring this innovative approach to job creation and training to the county’s executive office. We need to transition from a retail economy to value-added processing and export-oriented manufacturing to grow our job base.

The Water Challenge. Water is the life blood of Whatcom County. However, a legacy of poor planning, pollution and now climate change threaten this critical resource. We must preserve and enhance the fish habitat, provide water for farmers and residents, all while improving our environment and water quality.

Legal and Criminal Justice System Reforms. I will be a proactive leader, promoting and implementing policies developed by Incarceration Prevention and Reduction Task Force. This will include a long-term strategy to fund the alternates to incarceration, long-term care for mental health, addiction services, triage facility operations, and to invest in new and properly equipped jail building in Bellingham.

These ideas are not just slogans or talking points for me. My experience taught me that the quality of inputs and controls determines the quality of outputs. I do not have all the solutions, but I do have an open mind, intellectual curiosity and a willingness to listen to experts. I bring clarity of vision and leadership to identify practical solutions and build action plans to implement them.

Finally, I am an optimist! I firmly believe we live in the best place on earth with a great future for our kids and grandkids. This is my commitment to you: I will work tirelessly for you and with you over the next four years to achieve real progress on the tough issues facing our County. I hope for your support.

Tony Larson Statement here.