Riley Sweeney


My name is J. Riley Sweeney and I am running for Meridian School Board, po. 5. As a proud Meridian parent, I’ve been impressed by the district’s dedicated staff and teachers who give it their all despite difficult budgets, a global shutdown, and the growing impacts of tough economic times. Meridian needs our help and I am ready to fight for the health and well-being of our schools and children.

I will advocate for the salaries, support staff and equipment our schools desperately need so we can recruit and retain quality educators. We need more helping hands in the classroom rather than administrators in the office. I will fight for arts, theater, and enrichment programs that keep our children engaged in school and out of trouble.

Schools should be where individuals are respected and creativity nurtured. Where teachers are able to encourage inquisitive minds and the partisan politics dividing our country are not invited to the table. Schools should be safe places to learn, share, create, and build success without fear.

As Ferndale’s recreation coordinator, I created quality experiences for communities to come together. By bringing that same passion and commitment to the School Board, we can make Meridian a place where ALL students and families are welcome. Please vote for me, J. Riley Sweeney, Position 5. You can learn more about my values, experience, and ideas for the Meridian School District at