A Marxist Donkey by Any Other Name is Still a Marxist Donkey

By S. Runyan 4-2021

Indivisibles, Progressives, Socialists, Socialist Democrats are all Marxist Democrats. To be fair, there are probably some Democrats that may not know that they are Marxists.     Can they be sorted, one from another, from their Marxist counterparts?  Make no mistake, these groups are incestuous kin.  Small numbers, big noises.  In many instances the membership of one is identical to another.

These groups are all part of National Organizations which give the orders.  This is one of the reasons that the mainstream media and Democratic Guests all use the same scripted messages.  These organizations have attorneys and marxist trained organizers.  They are trained to write letters, make phone calls, record encounters on cell phones.  They are also trained in exactly how obnoxious to bray and how confrontational they can be without breaking laws.  If laws are broken, they sometimes call a predesignated attorney for legal assistance.

These braying donkeys are taught to make any size group look bigger.  One of their tactics is to film a confrontation with a someone on the street. They move around and the camera focus is quite narrow, giving the impression of a much larger group.  When attending a meeting, they scatter throughout the seating section with big signs and make loud braying noises, while attempting to seem a bigger group than they are.

The purpose of all this is to change the perception of reality for citizens of theUnited States of America.  It is the first stage of communist submersion.  What they say can never  be trusted as truth.  When the phrase “our democracy” is used, they do not mean the democracy of the United States of America.  They mean their marxist “democracy”, where you can vote for the party approved candidate of your choice  There is no real marxist democracy.

The definition of Marxism, as seen here, includes these words “… after the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat…”   That’s you, me, every other citizen in our Country.  This is what these people want.  Again, to be fair, there may be some in these organizations which do not truly understand what their vote brings.


Non-profits, like Defund Hate, is an “Indivisible” group.  Who would be against Defunding Hate?  This misleading name shields a group about immigration and open borders. These organizers are very clever in the presentation of their words, misleading but clever.  Just like in Sequim, WA, we have the Sequim Good Governance League, passing itself off, presumably, to govern better than the current Sequim City Council.  However they are not transparent about being a progressive group and their desire to take Sequim in an entirely different direction, marxist socialism.  Yet, they bray so loud about what they call the conservative lack of transparency, in an attempt to change the perception of reality.

Not so long ago protesting Trump Border policies

The scope of these Marxists is broad.  In 2019, Indivisible launched a Rural Caucus, #RaucousRuralCaucus, for rural local groups to receive extra support and ideas.  35 states had Indivisible participants to overcome the challenges of organizing in rural communities.  200 unique zip code dialing in provided a way for people to find solidarity and common identity.

Indivisible WA divided the state into 10 Congressional Districts. 

The breakdown is listed here….  Whatcom County, District 1 is covered by 3 Indivisible organizations, 1. Indivisible Eastside , Indivisible_WA1, Indivisible Skagit.  The FaceBook pages for these organizations indicate 2,126 members for Indivisible Eastside and 755 members for Indivisible Skagit.  Clallam County, Congressional District 6 has no designation on the Indivisible district page.  There are more than these  groups in Whatcom County, the membership of which is probably composed of the same people.  Little groups trying to look big.

What you can do?!

Research on your own, in your community, your town, maybe as small an area as your block.  Say “No.” to these people.  Confront these groups for what they are.  Destroyers of what makes The United States Great and destroyers of the American Dream for those who have yet to achieve it.

These people do not care about you. These people think that if our government is defeated, they will get a reward for their efforts.  History indicates that a new regime will have absolutely no use for anyone who willfully destroyed their country.  Let them think on that for their reward, dead or enslaved!

Just saying.

Author Sue Runyan

I worked. I retired. I expected to read books, go for walks and grow old.  I am succeeding at the last.  But there is still work to be done. I love my Country.


Begin your research and know the facts:

Listed below are several web addresses for marxist socialist organizations.  Most of the first  sites relate to Whatcom County.  If you see something you want to research later, take a screenshot or a camera photo.  Be safe, team up with another.  Have a back up cell phone charger for your outings.  Often, when a light is shown on an organization, it will morph into a different group.  Keep track of names.

  1. Indivisible Wa Organizer Page…
  2. Whatcom County Indivisible District 1
  3. Facebook Page Indivisible in Eastern Wa 3rd, 4th and 5th Congressional Districts… (160 Members) Public Page
  4. Facebook Seattle Indivisible District 9 (7900 members) Private Page
  5. The Riveters Collective of Whatcom County  List of Officer names, Elizabeth Hartsock, Stephanie Allen, Jennifer Wright, Amanda Zimmerman, Towhee Wean, Suzanne Munson, Debbie Anderson-Frey, Sarah Elizabeth Bede, Michael Penuelas
  6. Whatcom County Progressive Party…
  7. Whatcom County Socialist…
  8. Whatcom County Democrats… Work to elect progressive political change
  9. Whatcom Democratic Socialist of America…
  10. Indivisible Bellingham Videos…
  11. Action Network of the Indivisibles- Bellingham…
  12. Indivisible Skagit  action teams names, affiliated organizations. (very interesting)
  13. Socialist Alternative…
  14. Building rural and red state progressive power
  15. Indivisible State and Local  Read about Defending Democracy in Arizona.
  16. The North America’s Progressive Community… Listing many progressive organization
  17. America Indivisible…
  18. Democrat donor list associated with Indivisible for 2019