Republican Response to Clean Up of Homeless Site


Dear Concerned Citizens of Bellingham and Whatcom County:

As you may have heard, the homeless camp near City Hall in Bellingham has been swept but has now reconvened in parking lots near Frank Geri Fields. Please write the following individuals with the message included below or something similar:


Mayor Fleetwood, Executive Sidhu, Members of the Bellingham City Council, and Whatcom County Council:

The removal of the homeless encampment in front of City Hall, which was a welcome occurrence, has now resulted in a new encampment at or near Frank Geri Fields. The new location, while further from the city and county offices, is now in a residential area near:

  • an elementary school
  • residential neighborhoods
  • a number of businesses

This situation is unacceptable. We urge you in the strongest terms to come up with a solution to this crisis. Keep the camp out of neighborhoods and business districts. Do your duty as elected officials to protect the law-abiding citizens, businesses, and schools of your communities. Failure to act quickly may well result in costly legal action against the city and county, or, even worse, crimes against the citizenry.