Three thousand people signed up to be a member of the I-1648 Facebook group in three days. The organizers urge you to join this group and add to what is now over 9,600 members.  These people are working hard to do the nearly impossible and collect over 335,000 signatures and turn them in by July 5th.  As of June 28th there are seven days to do so.

Click here to join the Facebook Group. Or type in “Washington for I1648” in the facebook search bar. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS WITHOUT ADVERTISING ANYTHING ON FACEBOOK. It has been a grass roots effort only.

Website for I1648 to print petitions and other information here.

See below for many Whatcom County Locations or enter your location in the search bar on the website here to find locations statewide.

Taxes and Cost over time enacted by the last legislature are below.

Organizers say that this will be a very loud message to state lawmakers when it comes to over taxing the people of the state of Washington whether it qualifies for the ballot or not. (NOTE: The Fourth Corner has no data on how many signatures are still required and the organizers are working hard to get signatures and are not able to do an estimate as well) . The organizers are asking people to get more signatures in the next week.

For many in Whatcom County the drive on this initiative reminds people of the efforts involved in the Tea Party in 2009; which changed the political direction of the country.  The only difference is that social media is much more present than in 2009.

Updated June 26th 2019:

Petitions complete or partial need to be turned in by July 5th.

Rally to be held in Olympia:

TIME : 2pm.  Entire 1648 team will be turning-in petitions Fri, July 5, 2pm, SecState, 520 Union Ave SE, Oly. We’ll be rallying til 5pm. Love to meet you & thank you in person!


The link here gives you more information about the petition drive on the regular web.

Initiative 1648 is the “Sunsets/Expires all 2019 Tax Hikes” Initiative sponsored by Tim Eyman’s group and the citizens of Washington.


The following figures show the support.:

The level of public support for term limits on tax increases — (these are results from an April 2019 poll of likely voters after being read the official ballot title):

33% Strongly support
31% Somewhat support
12% Somewhat oppose
16% Strongly oppose
9% Not sure

Initiative 1648 needs 320,000 signatures by July 5 to qualify for the ballot. To learn more about the initiative or to download petitions, visit www.givethemnothing.com.

Tim Eyman’s petition to roll back all the new taxes passed in the last legislature AND put a sunset of one year on all new taxes  has only  days to get enough signatures. More locations will be added as they come in.