The Region 10 Director for the EPA at the time of the What’s Upstream campaign answers questions.

Senator Doug Ericksen 42nd Legislative District

On June 14th The State (Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications) Chaired by 42nd District Senator Doug Ericksen held hearings on the confirmation of Governor’s Inslee’s appointment “Dennis J Mclerran” to the Puget Sound Partnership Leadership Council. (A board of directors like structure for the Environmentally based Puget Sound Partnership).  This confirmation hearing was a rarity. Many gubernatorial appointees who are technically subject to Senate confirmation serve without ever being summoned for a hearing.

Mr Mclerran was former Region 10 Director for the Obama Administration’s EPA

From the hearing: 

Sen Ericksen: “Today, will you condemn the What’s Upstream program?”
Mr. Mclerran: “Condemn is not a word I would use,” McLerran said.
Senator Ericksen asked whether McLerran would characterize the campaign as “wrong.”
“Yeah, it shouldn’t have happened,” McLerran said.


Check out this report of the hearing by the Capital Press Here

It was soon found that: the ads and “The website featured a photograph— not taken in Washington — of cattle standing in a river and salmon that apparently had died after spawning, a natural occurrence. The implication was that farming in  Washington state is not adequately regulated.”

Senator Shelly Short 7th Legislative District

Dennis J. McLerran Former Obama EPA Region 10 Director

 A synopsis of the What’s Upstream controversy/case appears here



Here is the TVW coverage of the hearing the Mclerran hearing runs the first 44:00 Minutes

Senator Short begins the questioning at about 7:00 Minutes

Senator Short asks about the West Point Dump of Sewage vs Agriculture at about 29:30 Minutes

Senator Ericksen asked if Mr Mclerran would condemn the What’s Upstream campaign at about 20:00 Minutes