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RE-Sources, in a slickly worded video; responds to some of the concerns more and more Whatcom Countiains are having about the goals of “RE-Sources for sustainable communities” as far as RE- Sources capability of being a positive part of our community.  Is RE-Sources being open and do they wish to work with those parts of the community their legal activities affect? You Decide.

In this case we are told in a four minute video produced by RE-Sources (about 1:00 minute in) that RE-Sources has brought in their legal teams to file “a legal appeal that asked Washington State DOE to reconsider regulations that limit manure pollution…”  CAFO(Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) Regulations. We can only infer that because of this legal activity that RE-Sources can no longer share concerns or communicate with local

Ferndale-Farmstead Farm tours Whatcom County

farmers even though those farmers are not parties to the suit. Nor can they work with farm organizations like Whatcom Family Farmers to alleviate farmers’ concerns that the RE-Sources suit may endanger Local Farmers very livelihoods.

To check out the video and the arguments and concerns of Whatcom County Farmers go to the Whatcom Family Farmers website here. 

We have written before about RE-Sources’ use of lawyers to extract funds for their lawyers and environmental non-profit entities. We have also written about other activities that “RE-Sources for sustainable communities” have participated in over the years…  Links to Fourth Corner Articles follow the conclusion.


Does this current non-communication and legal silence strategy by RE-Sources make RE-Sources a positive viable organization for being a member of our communities here in The Fourth Corner? You decide.

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