PROPOSITION 4: YES on jail statement.

Peter Frazier Yes on Jail Committee…

Yes on Jail

Our jail is dangerous and unhealthy for inmates and staff: 20 women share one toilet/shower; failing elevators; no smoke evacuation – it’s inhumane and a liability. Expensive to run and inadequate, even as Whatcom’s population has doubled, mental health and addiction problems worsen, and inmate challenges grow. Cramped space limits family/attorney visitation; medical, behavioral, and addiction services. Millions of tax-dollars maintain it beyond its useful life, yet inmates don’t have needed services for healthy outcomes.
Overcrowding means repeat offenders are often not held. We’re experiencing significantly increased property crimes, overdose deaths, and havoc from a growing drug crisis. Our current jail doesn’t enable accountability, public safety, or deliver critical treatment.
Past levy results showed voters demand a humane jail with diversion and behavioral health programs, oversight, accountability, and public safety. Mental health professionals, first-responders, community leaders, citizens from diverse communities have built an innovative roadmap for better criminal justice and behavioral health outcomes. Twenty cents sales tax on $100 purchase, paid by everyone (including Canadian shoppers): about half builds a right-sized jail with onsite mental health and drug treatment, and half expands behavioral health and other public safety uses.
Vote Yes for a safe jail and healthy outcomes.