Three Candidates Run At-Large in Bellingham Council Race 

City of Blaine has three candidates for their City Council At Large Seat

Meridian School District has three candidates for the open seat of District 505 Pos 2 of the School Board

City of Bellingham At-Large

The City of Bellingham registered voters should have received a ballot for City Council At-Large Seat. This is a two year term.

What do City Council people do?:

3.01 Council Powers

The Council shall have all the legislative powers and authority allowed cities in the State of Washington, whether they are specifically enumerated in the Charter or not. The Council shall have general ordinance-making powers and control over the City finances and properties.

The Council shall not perform administrative functions of the City.


 Click Here to find the Bellingham City Charter.

Below is a Map for the City of Bellingham: Approximately 54300 Ballots will be mailed to Registered Voters. (Whatcom County has 138,000 Registered Voters)

The At-Large Council Person is elected by all voters in the City of Bellingham(If in Doubt; Check your Auditor issued Voting Card to find out your Precinct.)

Bellingham City Council At-Large click here for Voter Pamphlet Statement of all Bellingham City At-Large Candidate. Click on Plus next to “City of Bellingham”

Bellingham At-Large Council People serve for 2 years:

 Primary Election Candidates are:

Roxanne Murphy


Incumbent Roxanne Murphy:  Home Page;  Phone:(360) 647-7699

Jean Layton

Jean Layton:  Home Page  Phone:(360) 807-5162 Facebook:




Eric Bostrom

Eric Bostrom: Home Page  Phone: (360) 255-1192 Facebook:



 City of Blaine At Large Council Candidates

Registered voters within the city of Blaine should have received their ballots (If in Doubt on whether you vote in the city of Blaine; Check your Auditor issued Voting Card to find out your Precinct.)  Precincts 301-304 vote for this office approximately 3500 voters should have received ballots.

Blaine City At Large Candidates: click here for Voter Pamphlet statement of all Blaine City At-Large Candidate. Click on Plus next to “City of Blaine”

Primary Election Candidates are:

Harry Robinson


Incumbent Harry Robinson:  Home Page  Phone:(360) 820-0645 E-Mail:   Facebook:

Barrie Hull


Barrie Hull:  Home Page NONE  Phone: (360) 332-5563 E-Mail:NONE Facebook: NONE





Alicia Rule


Alicia Rule:  Home Page  Phone: (720) 474-9501 Facebook:





Meridian School District 505 District 2  … is pictured below in light green.  CITIES. Approximately 28400 Ballots will be mailed to Registered Voters in this District Race. (If in Doubt; Check your Auditor issued Voting Card to find if you are in Meridian School District.)

Meridian School District Candidates click here for Voter Pamphlet Statement of all Meridian School District Candidates.Click on Plus next to “Meridian School District 505”  

Meridian School District 505 Position 2 is an open seat:

Primary Election Candidates are:

Rob Horgren


Rob Horgren:  Home Page: NONE  Phone:(360) 319-8657 E-Mail: Facebook: NONE

Jeannie Castro


Jeannie Castro:  Home Page: None Found  Phone: (360) 312-6025 Facebook:NONE Found





Renier (Beaver) Elenbaas


Renier (Beaver) Elenbaas:  Home Page: NONE Phone: (360) 933-4462 E-Mail:rrnelenbaas@yahoo.comFacebook: None