2019 a year of government working hard to overturn the will of the people and in so doing challenging the Rule of Law and the implementation tradition of the Constitution.

            1.  The impeachment of Donald Trump:

Impeachment articles have been passed by the House but now for the first time in history: the House refuses to pass them to the Senate.  Articles of Impeachment Here.

And for the first time in history these articles have no accusation of existing law that the House believes have been broken.  Even in the first political impeachment by the House of Representatives of Andrew Johnson; there was a law on the books and President Johnson was charged with breaking that law.

Where we stand: 

The President is NOT Impeached until the articles are transferred to the Senate.  So far 23 Days.  Donald Trump has not been paralyzed by the

impeachment process, on the contrary, the country continues to move forward under his leadership in jobs, less government and regulations and tax cuts. Here is the Presidents letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

And the President continues to show the world that killing and maiming American Soldiers is not rewarded by paying Billions of dollars to Terrorist in Tehran but has real consequences.

Nevertheless the message is clear, in a purely Democratic Party vote for the two Impeachment Articles, the Democrats want to overturn the will of the American electorate in the Presidential Election of 2016.

            2. Passing I 976 anti tax Initiative.

In a surprise the voters of Washington State passed the “30 Dollar Tabs” Initiative sponsored by Tim Eyman.

The No on I 976 (“Keep Washington Rolling”)PAC used the slogan: “Vote No on Tim Eyman’s Initiative”.

The “Keep Washington Rolling” ,the NO on $30 tabs, Committee spent over $5 Million Dollars to make certain that the tax cutting measure would not pass and the taxes would stay in place. There was even a PDC complaint filed against “Keep Washington Rolling” PAC and the PDC found the committee did not disclose the top 5 donors on advertising as required by law.

The PDC decided not to fine the PAC stating: “Based on our findings staff has determined that, in this instance, failure to include the top five contributors on these advertisements does not amount to a finding of a violation that warrants further investigation.” but the process disclosed the following top 5 donors to be:

Even with a total of over 5 Million Dollars used against the Initiative by large corporate donors; the Initiative passed statewide by 53%! It won in the 42nd District here in Whatcom County by 52.7%! In the 10th District by 53.1% and in the 39th District by 66.5%! Only in the 40 district (WWU and a piece of Skagit County) did it lose by 37.8%.

Where we stand: 

The Secretary of State was not able to certify the election including the vote on the 30 Dollar Tab Initiative before several government agencies sued to stop implementation of the initiative of the people; that citizens said clearly, they wanted.

  • November 26th 2019: Counties certify the November election.
  • November 27th 2019 a King County Superior Court Judge Blocks the 30 Dollar Tab initiative from taking effect.
  • December 4th 2019 Washington State Supreme Court affirms the 30 Dollar Tab Initiative will stay on hold until the full court can hear the Government’s case against it.
  • December 5th 2019 The Washington State Secretary of State Kim Wyman certifies the results of the election at the state level .

For further information on the status of the “Car Tab Tax Initiative of the People” please go to Ballotpedia.

3. Passage of taxes in last legislature: Voters advise repeal

There were 12 “Tax Advisory” votes on the November Ballot. These are non-binding votes presented to the legislature as a “poll” of the people’s wishes on how the legislature should have voted.

According to Ballotopedia Advisory measures in Washington are:

An advisory question is a non-binding ballot measure, meaning the ballot measure does not change the law. The goal of an advisory question is the gauge voter opinion on an issue. In Washington, advisory questions are required for tax increases that were signed into law.

The Washington State legislature has attempted to remove these advisory votes of the people in the past and may do so in the upcoming legislative session.

Above are the top four items from the statewide vote on the Advisory Votes.

Where we Stand:

The voters were very discerning on the 12 tax issues presented to them in November. The votes to repeal taxes ran from 64.80% for the new Real Estate tax to 33.09% to repeal the “Vape Tax”. More discerning, it seems than it was in passing the new taxes. See the results of all 12 Advisory Votes here.

It is an overwhelming statement of the voters (over 62%) that 4 taxes should be overturned. Will the legislature act?

From the Fourth Corner: MY 4¢ WORTH. (Twice as valuable as “MY 2¢ WORTH)!

To be a citizen of the United States we much always be acutely aware of protecting our freedoms both here and aboard. Government accountability is a paramount duty of all of us in our Democratic Republic. We must always be vigilant when government usurps the will of the people and tries to dictate what our election outcomes should be!

Impeachment Articles Announced

From the United States Federal Government on down we are entering a time when those that are supposed to serve us through the limits imposed on them by the Constitution of the United States want us to serve them.

At the Federal Level a three year tax payer paid campaign by Democrats has been imposed on the American people. Its purpose: to remove a duly, constitutionally, elected President from office. This is one party trying to impose its will on the people, totally in contradiction to anything that can be construed to be our Rule of Law and usurps the Constitution of the United States.

The Constitution and the accompanying Bill of Rights allow us to petition the government and assemble peacefully to allow our views to be heard. I fear the chill of ignorance of the Constitution, and ignorance of the will of the people, will continue at the Federal and State Levels; challenging citizens to be certain that voters are educated to what may happen to our unique form of Government here in the United States . We the People are the government and voters duly elect those that should govern. Their primary function is to be protectors of the Constitution; not try to overturn elections by ignoring laws and the parts of the Constitution they do not want to follow. Make certain you always vote and make certain to stay educated. And talk to your friends and neighbors about these issues.