Our readers lean mostly conservative.  The poll ran from June 22nd to July 15th when ballots were all out.  About 10% of our subscribers took part.

Here are the results…

Who is your choice for County Executive? Who is your choice for 4th District County Council
Misty Flowers 16.95% Mark Stremler 17.24%
Alicia Rule 10.17% Kathy Kershner 75.86%
Satpal Sidhu 1.69% Katherine Orlowski 0.00%
Dan Purdy 40.68% Not Sure 6.90%
Barry Buchanan 6.78%
Sukhwan Gill 0.00%
Not Sure 23.73%
Who is your choice for County Councilperson AT-LARGE Who is your choice for Mayor of Bellingham?
Atul Deshmane 1.75% Christopher J McCoy 6.78%
Jon Scanlon 1.75% Kim Lund 11.86%
Hannah Ordos 57.89% Seth Fleetwood 5.08%
Jerry Burns 0.00% Mike McAuley 6.78%
Not Sure 38.60% Kristina Michele Martens 1.69%
Not Sure 44.07%
Who is your choice for Bellingham City Council At-Large
Maya Morales 0.00%
Garrett O’Brien 17.24%
Paul Schissler 0.00%
Jace Cotton 5.17%
Rus Whidbee 0.00%
Not Sure 53.45%