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October 12 WWU

A presentation by the “Western Washington Students for Life” and “WWU Young Americans for Liberty” was held at the Viking Union Building at 7:00 PM Thursday October 12th.

There were about 160 in attendance as Rep. Vince Buys joined Senator Ericksen for about a half hour of information presentation and about two hours of Q & A. About 46 Questions.

Fourth Corner opinion:A great success: Generally the audience was attentive and listened to questions and answers respectfully.  It could be seen that some of this information was new to much of the audience.  There may have been disagreement but mostly people were not bullying or antagonistic toward one another.  We all learned something in this venue thanks generally to the leadership of all of the sides of the issues.

The message for WWU? get beyond your comfort zone and look at different view right here in your own community of Whatcom County.  The message for Whatcom County? We can have productive non muted or shouted down conversations with those at WWU and hear their views.

The full event can be seen here.  The first 31:05 is a presentation by Sen Ericksen and Rep Buys.  Following that the Q & A starts at 31:06 and lasts until the end

Here is a play by play provided by attendee Matthew Goggins.  Use it in conjunction with the video link to get the time and play the questions and answers you may want to see.

Matthew Goggins: First question now about President Trump and birth control mandates. 1.October 12 at 7:39pm

Matthew Goggins: Now a question about McCleary and state education spending.  2. October 12 at 7:42pm

Matthew Goggins: Question on homelessness and mental health spending.  October 12 at 7:45pm

Matthew Goggins: Question about lead contamination in drinking water.October 12 at

Matthew Goggins:Request for an explanation of what the state capital budget is.

5. October 12 at 7:53pm

Senator Doug Ericksen


Matthew Goggins: Doug is mentioning the Hirst decision. October 12 at 7:54pm

Matthew Goggins Why do you not believe in anthropogenic climate change?  7. October 12 at 7:55pm

         Matthew Goggins: Audience is getting impatient and   speaking out.October 12 at 7:56pm

Matthew Goggins :Question about parental notification for abortion by minors.  October 12 at 7:57pm

Matthew Goggins: Plea for a more conservative campus environment from a student. October 12 at 8:02pm

Matthew Goggins: Tim Eyman asking a question about raising taxes.  October 12 at 8:03pm
Matthew Goggins: Vince Buys talking about a constitutional amendment.October 12 at 8:05pm
Matthew Goggins: Question about hang ups in the legislative session, and a recruiting announcement for a Republican chapter on campus. October 12 at 8:07pm

Matthew Goggins: Interesting response from Doug.  October 12 at 8:09pm

Matthew Goggins: Conservative political science sophomore asks about lack of political diversity on campus and how should the GOP deal with that.  October 12 at 8:11pm
Matthew Goggins: A woman complains about Doug not replying to liberal constituents.
15. October 12 at 8:14pm
Matthew Goggins Doug mentions being swamped by robo-calls.  October 12 at 8:15pm
Matthew Goggins Eric Bostrom asks about Doug’s support in Bellingham versus Lynden.
October 12 at 8:17pm

Rep Vince Buys

Matthew Goggins: Student thanks Doug and Vince. Asks about migrant workers and DACA aliens.  October 12 at 8:19pm

Matthew Goggins Question about preserving gun rights.  October 12 at 8:26pm
Matthew Goggins Vince and Doug give great replies,  22. October 12 at 8:29pm

Matthew Goggins Student talks up the benefits of the Clean Air Act of the EPA and challenges Doug.  October 12 at 8:31pm

Matthew Goggins Doug mentions the great energy storage capacities of fossil fuels, while agreeing about the great potential of new technologies.  24. October 12 at 8:34pm
Matthew Goggins Student asks about letting transgenders use bathrooms.  October 12 at 8:35pm

Matthew Goggins: Woman asks about the need for more special education spending and for basic school supplies.  October 12 at 8:37pm

Matthew Goggins: Student says 96 percent of professors are not Republican, asks Doug why he’s going against all those educated people.  October 12 at 8:44pm 
Matthew Goggins: Because Doug believes in lower taxes, limited government, and individual freedom. Liberty and capitalism.  October 12 at 8:46pm 
Matthew Goggins Student gives an F to Doug for using a few 12 year old statistics.  October 12 at 8:47pm
Matthew Goggins: Student says we’re on Lummi land. Asks about high levels of fecal bacteria in the water.  October 12 at 8:49pm
Matthew Goggins: Same student asks two follow up questions about water contamination and septic systems.  October 12 at 8:53pm
Matthew Goggins:Vince fields all the questions in great detail.  October 12 at 8:54pm
Matthew Goggins Student asks another question about pet waste. Vince’s reply gets applause.  33. October 12 at 8:57pm
Matthew Goggins Older gentleman asks why the Senate is holding the capital budget hostage to a Hirst fix.  October 12 at 8:59pm
Matthew Goggins: Two rounds of applause for Doug’s response.  35.  October 12 at 9:00pm

Matthew Goggins Condescending question about Doug being in Washington, D.C  October 12 at 9:01pm

Matthew Goggins Doug gets chuckles by referring to “fake news”.  October 12 at 9:02pm

Matthew Goggins Deaf person asks about title IX, thanks Betsy DeVos. Asks for safe space for men. 38: October 12 at 9:03pm


Matthew Goggins: Native American asks polite question about cuts to Indian Health Services.  October 12 at 9:06pm

Matthew Goggins: Female alumna of WWU, union organizer, asks Doug if there is enough civil discourse between partisan factions.  40.  October 12 at 9:08pm

Matthew Goggins: Follow-up comment by the woman: there is a great turnout this evening, people should get involved and get organized.

Matthew Goggins: Student asks about global warming, mentions contributions from natural gas corporations  41. October 12 at 9:10pm

                  Matthew Goggins Audience impatient and loud again.October 12 at 9:11pm

Matthew Goggins: Back and forth with the audience.October 12 at 9:13pm

Matthew Goggins Doug gets a round of applause for asking people to read about the other side.October 12 at 9:15pm

 Matthew Goggins Older person accuses Doug of giving statistics that are half-truths, “the darkest of all lies”.October 12 at 9:17pm

Matthew Goggins Same person asks about reducing subsidies for fossil fuel subsidies.October 12 at 9:18pm

Matthew Goggins Doug gives great answer specifically and philosophically.46.  October 12 at 9:19pm

Matthew Goggins Same person asks about tax break for Trans-Alta in Lewis County.October 12 at 9:21pm

Matthew Goggins Questions done, closing statements.October 12 at 9:22pm

Thank you for the play by play.October 12 at 9:34pm

Matthew Goggins You’re welcome! I’m most grateful to Doug and Vincent, they provided, as Charlie asked for, a genuine “teaching moment”. Could hardly have gone better!