Remember to Vote Beginning October 19th…

Attend the Candidate Forum Thursday October 5th 6:30 PM at Meridian High School. 194 W. Laurel Rd.

At this writing Attending the Forum: Council Members: (2nd) Todd Donovan and (1st) Rudd Browne… Council Candidates: (3rd) Tyler Byrd,  (At Large) Mary Kay Robinson, (1st) Phil Morgan, (2nd) Amy Glasser, (3rd) Rebecca Boonstra
Barry Buchanan will not be attending.

Council votes 7-0 to begin New Taxes on Working Families in Whatcom County.

 Councilmembers are Todd Donovan, Carl Weimer, Rud Browne, Barbara Brenner, Ken Mann, Satpal Sidhu, and Barry Buchanan.

 New tax proposal (Resolution) for those that live in Lake Whatcom Area

The following From Minutes of September 26, 2017  Whatcom County Council meeting:
September 26, 2017
Resolution requesting the County Executive develop a special funding district to fund water quality improvements in the unincorporated Lake Whatcom Watershed (AB2017-251A)     Approved 7-0, Resolution 2017-041″

Lake Whatcom


1. There are already 15 tax districts that handle this sort of thing…
From Resolution:
“WHEREAS, fifteen special funding districts finance local improvements for drainage, flood control, and water quality improvement elsewhere in Whatcom County;”
2. When do these taxes end and what will be the measures of success of the “specifc projects” can we look at these measures before they pass a new tax?
 From Resolution:
“WHEREAS, in 2017 Whatcom County approved an update to the Lake Whatcom Comprehensive Stormwater Plan that identifies specific projects to reduce phosphorus-laden runoff entering the Lake to fulfill the requirements in the ‘Total Maximum Daily Load’ implementation plan;”

 Be it Resolved

3. Open ended tax that would eventually go to the general fund.
From Resolution:
“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Whatcom County Council request the County Executive to develop a special funding district in the unincorporated portion of the Lake Whatcom watershed to provide local fees to be used in conjunction with other funding to address water quality concerns specific to Lake Whatcom and bring forth an ordinance establishing such a district to the County Council for approval no later than November 8, 2017.”

See the full Resolution Here...

 This is a new tax on families DOES THIS COUNTY COUNCIL REPRESENT YOU?  Be involved and find out at the candidate forum on October 5th.

Contact your Council Members below


Barbara Brenner
Email and phone: 360-384-2762
Term expires: January 2020

Rud Browne
Email and phone: 360-820-9494
Term expires: January 2018
Barry Buchanan
Email and phone: 360-224-4330
Term expires: January 2018
Todd Donovan
Email and Phone: 360-483-8474
Term expires: January 2020
Ken Mann
Email and Phone: 360-483-6020
Term expires: January 2018
Satpal Sidhu
Email and Phone: 360-305-4948
Term expires: January 2020Carl Weimer
Email and Phone: 360-384-5919
Term expires: January 2018